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Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and Headbands

Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and Headbands

The Queen Bee of Millinery

Jennifer Ouellette is the mastermind behind millinery and accessories that withstand the test of time.  Independent since 1996, this company is in the business of presenting designs of traditional quality with attention to detail.  Jennifer’s designs have appeared in Vogue, W, In Style, Glamour, Modern Bride, Harper's Bazaar, the New York Times and been featured in shows such as Gossip Girl, NBC Today, and more.  Her vast educational studies in fashion and apprenticeship under important European and American milliners lead to her development of a unique headband design and construction technique that was granted a U.S. patent in 1999.  Her hats and accessories are worn by trendsetting celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Angelina Jolie and Deborah Messing.  The celebrity portion of her website and online store allows you to view the pieces worn by your favorite celebrity so you can get one of your own.  At, you can shop for a wide selection of hats for men and women, and headbands in various widths, prints, materials, and designs including silk, cotton, grosgrain, leather, cottons, feathers, satins, velvets, and more.

The big question is what inspired Jennifer and led her to become an accessory designer?  Dreams start young as Jennifer inherited her love for hats from her mother, who first collected vintage hats and later opened up her own vintage clothing store.  “My mother and her Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and Headbandsvintage store were a huge inspiration,” Jennifer shares.  And if one creative parent was not enough, her father also owned a machinery company and invented designs for the packaging industry, holding over 25 U.S. patents.  Sometimes less can be more and the perfect piece for that is the Skinny Satin with Ribbon Tie Trim.  Featured here in grey satin, this headband is a skinny satin in grey with a perfectly tied bow of the right proportion.  Though the band is thin, it sits very comfortably and can be worn all day.  The bow is large enough to accessorize your hair without being overbearing and is simply too cute for words. 

Jennifer has always possessed a creative side as she studied Textile and Apparel Management in addition to Theater Design at the University of Missouri-Columbia MU.  With studying the business of fashion, fashion design and construction, and theatrical costuming and having it under her belt, she went on to study and work with leading European milliners at the London College of Fashion.  After returning to the states, she continued to gain extensive Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and Headbandsproduction experience and worked with important American milliners.  The Gem Covered Skinny Headband is sure to offer a bit of sparkle and shine to dress up even your most casual outfit.  Available in a variety of colors, we adore this gem covered headband in Smokey.  The charcoal gray-brown of the gems add glam and style without being loud while its neutral shade can be worn with practically anything.  Katy Perry wears this headband in multi. 

Unlike other headband and hairpiece designers that have recently saturated the market, Jennifer is unique because she sees herself as a milliner (maker of hats).  “I begin with the idea that each headband is a little hat. I concentrate on fit and build each piece to last for many years,” she says.  This is a very different approach from the many other hair accessory designers on the market who know little about the proper fit of a headband as they are more concerned with aesthetics.  From my personal experience in comparing Jennifer’s headbands with that of the high-end designer, Jennifer Behr, the quality, fit, and comfortability of Ouellette’s work far surpasses that of Behr.  Jennifer Behr may look stunning in modeling ads, but such flair is not worth the hassle of having headbands catch and pull at your strands of hair or having you constantly fixing the piece because it fails to stay on. 

Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and HeadbandsFor an elegant touch, the Large Velvet Bow on the Side of Satin Band is also a favorite of Penelope Cruz.  This classy 2” headband is covered with smooth and shiny black satin with a thin velvet band along one side and a pretty velvet bow positioned on the side.  Dress up your little black dress with this easy and comfortable hairpiece that is great for an evening out.  When asked what her favorite design was, Jennifer replied, “It’s hard for me to answer this one.  I am always wearing something in my hair or a hat.  Sometimes I wear a headband and pony and then a hat on top!”  As for her ideas, they come from a multitude of places, from client requests to sketching while on the subway.  Jennifer is the sole creator and designer of all her headbands.  Her business has been comprised of a dedicated staff for years who simply love what they do.  “We are very big into putting positive energy into our production.  Each piece will go onto someone's head so we build them with positivity and pride,” Jennifer shares. 

Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and HeadbandsGet all dolled up for a roaring twenties look with the Satin Bow with Layer Coque Feathers.  Reminiscent of Marion Davies and the style of her time, this headband is all Satin with a large Satin bow in the very center, and decorated with black to dark emerald green coque feathers.  Stunning against blond or light brown hair because of the contrast, this headband is a costume keeper.  Some of Jennifer Ouellette’s best selling designs have continued to sell for over ten years.  Her business owns a small studio in Santiago, Dominican Republic that is run by Jennifer in producing some of her basic styles.  Within the industry, the Dominican Republic is considered expensive compared to other countries, which is why Santiago has lost many jobs to China and India.  Jennifer is grateful for the huge labor pool in the Dominican Republic that has excellent hand sewing skills.  Her business is very happy with the results of their Dominican Republic studio as the employees there feel the same.

Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and HeadbandsFrom the Grosgrain collection, we adore the Lucy Headband for its simplicity and everyday wearability.  This headband will go with any outfit, whether you are wearing jeans or a cute summer dress.  Not to mention it is the perfect hair accessory to throw on if you have a bad hair day.  The wide 2” piece is made of quality and textured grosgrain ribbon in your choice of available color.  Another fabulous throw-on piece that makes more of a statement is the Silk Necktie Bandie, which is a wide headband made of all silk.  Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and HeadbandsThe silk patterns are bright and playful, ranging from various paisley prints to Japanese floral and Fuchsia Berries on Navy.  Featured here is a Pucci inspired print with green, lavender, and cream that is perfect for spring.  Wide enough to hide your hair flaws while pretty enough to show off the style and be fashionable.

In addition to headbands, Jennifer’s talent can also been seen in her collection of hats for men and women.  Jennifer Ouellette Hair Accessories and HeadbandsThe men’s collection has a wide and amazing selection of caps, fedoras, golfers, homburgs, panamas, and more.  There is something for everyone and if your guy is not a hat person, he will surely find something that suits him here.  The Tweed Trilby Hat in Black Herringbone is a classic masculine hat that is perfectly designed and will add charm to any man.  This hat sits just right on the head while its edges hit just above the eyebrows.  This is a great day-to-night transition piece because it can be worn with jeans and a shirt or even a nice suit. 

 Though Jennifer is aware that many celebrities use her accessories, she says “it is the everyday modern girl who supports us and keeps us going!”  Her hobbies include salsa dancing, traveling the world, and working to create more spectacular designs for the everyday modern girl.  Jennifer is not only talented but she is also a humble artist who realizes how lucky she is.  “I am a lucky person.  I make pretty things and people buy them!  There are many struggling artists and feel very blessed,” Jennifer says.  In the future, Jennifer hopes to open up a store in Manhattan and Japan as well as design other things.  Her primary focus is to always maintain quality and continue building with their current retailers in Japan, Hong Kong, London, and the United States.  To view and shop her collection, visit Barneys New York or online at

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