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Tiny Prints

The Ultimate Online Stationer for Customization and Quality

Tiny PrintsEd Han, Co-Founder and CEO of Tiny Prints, was not afraid to try something new and somewhat risky in launching an online stationery business.  After working for his wife at her start-up company,, helping build T-mobile’s Sidekick, graduating from Stanford Business School, working in the corporate arena, and running his own various businesses, Ed had everything he needed to take the plunge with Tiny Prints.  A modern day entrepreneur, he teamed up with his friends, Kelly Berger and Laura Ching, in 2003, to launch Tiny Prints in hopes of reviving the dying art of letter writing and creating a more thoughtful world.  By offering stylish birth announcements, holiday cards, invitations and personal stationery, they wanted to share their passion for traditional social expression.  On top of that, they were focused on the ultimate in trendsetting stationery design made of superior product quality and excellent customer service.  “My passion for beautiful paper and design stems back to when I was a young child, and I was really fortunate to help build a business directly related to this interest,” Ed shares. 

Tiny Prints has gained notoriety as one of Hollywood’s favorites since their first celebrity order in October 2005.  Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Tiny PrintsJennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, and Ming-Na have ordered custom stationery and invitations from Tiny Prints.  They have been featured in publications such as People, Martha Stewart Weddings, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Daily Candy, and on shows like Tyra, The Today Show, Ellen, and more.  Offering something for everyone, customers can select from their choice of styles like classic, vintage, whimsical, modern, and X.  They offer delightful and unique prints like this bridal shower invitation, Love Shower, featuring an adorable tiffany blue umbrella with raining red hearts against a simple white background .

Ed felt that the internet was the perfect place to make groundbreaking changes to a very traditional stationery industry.  Their success stems from their use of technology in offering customers quicker turnaround, competitive prices, a simple search process, and customization features from the comfort of their home.  While great risk and competition is no surprise to a new Internet business, success can be built from the simplest of methods.  For Tiny Prints, it was focusing on delivering exceptional customer service, a quality product and superior design from the start.  Since then, this has driven every decision of theirs, regardless of the cost, as those three guiding principles are what prioritize their efforts.    

Tiny PrintsSince there is always a birthday around the corner, why not invest in ordering a personalized birthday card for the special lady or gent in your life.  Shown here, Mixed Tape, offers a bit of whimsical and nostalgia with its font and mix tape image, that allows you to personalize it a special song title or saying.  In sharing his advice for those who want to break into the tech industry and start their own company, Ed says, “Be confident in yourself and your abilities and don’t be afraid to surround yourself with the best and brightest, who will challenge you. It’s important to identify what you’re passionate about, as well as what you’re good at, and then leave the other areas to other experts.”  He was fortunate enough to have an amazing support group through his co-founders, business school classmates and peers.      

We selected Tiny Prints as an Editor’s Pick for its stellar customer service and never-ending selection of designs and prints for invitations, announcements, and personalized stationery.  Unlike other online stationers which only offer a photo of what you can order and later customize, Tiny Prints allows you to personalize all cards and stationery with your choice of wording, font, and color and instantly view the customized results.  Tiny PrintsNo need to wait for a proof of how your personalized item will look as you can insert and adjust details yourself and view the final product within seconds from your computer.  This brilliant concept is what sets Tiny Prints apart from its competitors as they make it easy for their customers to choose, design, and finalize invitations, announcements, stationery, business cards, and more. Anyone can create and personalize their own cards and notes by selecting a design and then adding a font and color of their choice.  This lovely Garden Border personal stationery note will be a burst of sunshine for anyone who receives it and looks classic and fresh with the navy border and matching name in block print on top.  Their simple web-based interface for creating custom stationery will keep you coming back for more - guaranteed.

Tiny PrintsSince their first year together, Ed, Kelly, and Laura have reviewed every order, edited every photo and obsessed over every typo and etiquette mistake on every card that has passed through their hands.  “It is our fondest hope that the work we do will inspire new generations to continue the timeless tradition of giving and receiving personal stationery as the ultimate form of heartfelt social expression,” Ed shares.  The Tiny Prints team is comprised of the three co-founders, Ed Han, Kelly Berger, and Laura Ching along with COO, Mak Azadi, VP of Engineering, Adnan Asar, and VP of Marketing, Anna Fieler.  Customize your own holiday cards, announcements, invitations, stationery, and more at

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