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The Vismaya Collection


Fine Handmade Shawls and Luxurious Scarves From India

The Vismaya Collection offers a breathtaking and colorful variety of shawls, scarves, wraps and ponchos. This women’s collection features the modern look of accessories as Vismaya uses the finest fabrics combined with imaginative designs and superb craftsmanship to create unique and high quality shawls, wraps, and more.  All items are created in India to deliver the best in both quality and design.  Vismaya is known for their superior pashmina, silk wool, pure silk, pure wool, and Swarovski crystals.  They are unique from other scarf and accessory designers because they customize designs for their clients by changing the patterns, colors, and blends according to their specifications.  Shivani takes pride in giving customers exactly what they have in mind.  Not only that, but Vismaya as a brand also denotes value.  Shivani says, “While we have solid cashmere, silk, woolen shawls and scarves, we are always looking at adding more value and design to a simple wrap so that it stands out from the rest of the accessories designs.”

VismayaThe creative duo behind Vismaya are sister and brother, Shivani Mehrotra and Yatin Narula.  Proud of their heritage and proud of their home country, India, they sought to present the world with quality fabric in stunning designs and dazzling colors.  While Yatin lives in India and handles the overseas business operation, Shivani resides in Los Angeles, using her creative mind and design talents to bridge India and the rest of the world.  This pair works together in finding the finest fabrics and best silks for their clients worldwide.  Vismaya happily takes custom orders and will devote their creativity to creating the exact dress or home accessory you seek.  As Mehrota says, “Wrapping that Gucci or Lanvin little black dress in Vismaya will not only make you feel beautiful, but using Vismaya as a throw to accent your Philippe Starck-designed bubble couch will make the temple you call home beautiful as well.” 

Shivani and Yatin were inspired to launch Vismaya because they wanted to create a brand of their own, after learning the business from their father who exported scarves from India to the Middle East.  A strong sense of national pride carries them through their work, as Vismaya is a subsidiary of the larger Indian company Shyam & Co. of North Pvt. Ltd., which has conducted business domestically for the past 50 years.  Despite their success in India, they shared their father’s dream of expanding the business to the US.  In 2002, they took a chance by holding a small show in Los Angeles, which provided to be a success.  As a result, a small brand named Shivani Shawls was born, which was later converted to Vismaya in 2006. 

Shivani holds a Masters in Finance and Accounting from a college in New Delhi, India. Shivani and Yatin are true examples of a family that defied the odds in finding a success from taking a risk.  They did not possess any knowledge or education in art and design and continued to follow their hearts and ambition in creating their own brand, which would allow them to have complete control over the manufacturing process.  Their father imparted his wisdom and knowledge of textiles to them and took them to factories to understand the manufacturing, dying, and printing processes.

VismayaOur favorite from the silk collection is the Silk N Chic shawl, displaying an elegant and modern array of sage stripes in various widths against an ivory cream background.  This simple yet classy shawl is especially complimentary when worn with an elegant black dress because of its strikingness.  This 100% silk shawl is also available in emerald green or navy blue stripes against the ivory background.   

VismayaVismaya is also known for their high quality wool scarves and shawls.  The quality of the wool and the weave of their shawls are clearly noticeable after just one wear.  Their lightweight wool keeps your neck and shoulders warm without scratching or tickling your skin.  Summer calls for bright colors and floral patterns.  The Floral Printed Wrap is made of a wool silk blend and is the perfect trendy summer accessory!  This bold and bright wrap features a gorgeous floral print of Vismayaflowers in various sizes and colors.  The hues of fuschia, carnation pink, orange, lime green, blue, and teal will flatter and mesmerize.  A lovely wrap that can be worn year-round is the Two Tone Floral Wrap, as it features floral patterns of white and navy blue swirls against a dark charcoal blue-gray background. 

VismayaWe cannot get enough of their paisley printed wool wraps because of its gorgeous pattern and various color combinations.  These wraps are 28 x 74, and large enough to allow versatile styles and ways of wearing them.  Made of 100% lightweight wool, they can be knotted at the neck like a thick scarf, thrown over the shoulders like a wrap or just elegantly wrapped around the shoulders.  The most flattering and overall favorite is the Paisley Red Beige wrap, as it looks best when worn with jeans or khakis.  It features a lovely paisley Vismayaprint with colors of burnt red, mandarin orange, mauve, golden yellow, and sage.  This wrap is so lightweight that it is essentially sheer, and can be easily wrapped in multiple layers. The pattern is subtle enough that it draws attention without looking gaudy or loud.  If you want something more feminine, the Paisley Grey Pink wrap looks great against a white, pink, or grey wardrobe.  Hues of soft lilac pink, dark charcoal grey, turquoise blue, army green, and mustard yellow can be seen among the fine and detailed paisley print. 

In the next five years, Shivani and Yatin see Vismaya as the leading brand of women accessories in US and Europe since they plan to launch Vismaya in the European fashion market next year. In Japan, their brand is sold at leading department stores.  She looks forward to the expanding opportunities for their brand as it goes global.  Vismaya changes their inventory by adding new styles to their line every three to six months.  One of their reasons for continually adding diverse styles is to accommodate their Japanese customers as the Japanese market is very fashion forward.  If you see something you like, snatch it up before it is gone because Vismaya never sells the same styles the following year.

When asked what her favorites were, Shivani found it was hard to narrow down as she loves all of the collection.  As Vismaya owns their own printing factory, they have developed numerous prints that have been very popular.  As for their most popular and her favorite part of the collection, it would have to be the vintage prints.  Vismaya This vintage style print as shown clearly displays the kind of superb craftsmanship that Vismaya offers.  The beautiful colors of golden yellow, fiery orange, white, and more are shown through the detailed flowers, leaves, and vines.  They create some of their own designs, which are inspired by current trends and styles.  Shivani makes a point in using stunning colors so they can accentuate a black outfit or dress, while also creating casual designs for everyday wear with a plain shirt and pair of jeans.  Vismaya handles a lot of private labeling and have designed scarves for Anthropologie and Lord & Taylor.  Vismaya scarves are sold are Henri Bendel, Presse, Fred Segal, and Shop Intuition.

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