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Lizzie Scheck Jewelry

Lizzie Scheck Jewelry

Red Carpet Success for Pave Diamond Pieces

Lizzie Scheck JewelryDespite her undeniable raw talent and star quality, Lizzie Scheck’s charming and warm personality exudes in each of her designs, which easily draws people in and makes them feel special.  Lizzie Scheck Jewelry features a glittering collection of handcrafted personal emblems and charms in platinum, gold, diamonds and precious gemstones that are “delicate and feminine, hip but classy.”  Her designs have graced celebrities and everyday women alike.  Among her many loyal celebrity fans, some of them include Kristen Bell, Jessica Biel, Rebecca Romijn, and Jennifer Garner.  She is also regularly sought after for personal and customized designs, from creating bridesmaids' gifts for Kate Beckinsale to personal pieces for Ashley Judd and Amanda Bynes. 

So what exactly inspired Lizzie to start her own jewelry line?  Like every other girl, she has always loved jewelry, especially small, feminine jewelry.  In college, Lizzie took an old diamond ring that her grandmother had given her and transformed it into a gorgeous necklace that she absolutely loved.  She wanted jewelry to wear it with, but after realizing everything on the market was so expensive, she decided to learn beading and wire wrapping for herself.  And from that moment, the addiction began and her career was born. 

Lizzie Scheck JewelryHer favorite necklace and also one of our Editor’s Picks is the pave diamond crescent MoonStar Necklace, which was worn so well by Scarlett Johansson in critically-acclaimed film "Lost in Translation."  The 14k gold delicate, sparkling pendant with pave diamonds features a crescent moon charm with a tiny star attached.  Also featured in InStyle Magazine, the MoonStar Necklace can be customized in yellow, white, and rose gold and “will shine bright in any setting.”  Lizzie Scheck JewelryLizzie’s personal favorite ring is the Turquoise Flower Ring, which is formed by a 14k twisted wire gold band with a feminine turquoise flower and a diamond in the center.  She also adores her new oval and diamond earrings that hang. “I’m dying for the weather to get cold so I can wear them with a turtleneck!,” says Lizzie.  She adorns her wrist with a personalized bracelet she made, that includes the initials and birthdays of her two kids. She loves playing with it as it always reminds her of her children.

Growing up, she always had a creative side and enjoyed painting, knitting, crocheting bags, and even making jewelry.  When she showed her pieces to her friend, who also managed a store, it became the perfect segue into selling as the manager loved her jewelry.  Lizzie graduated from American University with a Bachelor degree in Communications and a minor in English.

Designing and creating jewelry began just as hobby as she was a casting director by day for the television show “Once and Again,” and a jewelry designer by night.  Apart from her red carpet success, Lizzie truly enjoys and embraces her career.  “I love what I do.  I love designing jewelry and I love wearing what I make. But the best part is when I see a stranger wearing something mine…it’s an amazing feeling,” Lizzie shares. 

And who could forget when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, donned the infamous pave diamond Horseshoe Necklace on “Sex and the City.”  Lizzie’s already devoted following hit cult status when this necklace aired and it still remains a bestseller to this day.  Get the look that started it all Lizzie Scheck Jewelryas this timeless classic sparked a trend that changed the face of fashion jewelry.  While the jewelry market is inundated with crosses, stars, flowers, and hearts, Lizzie’s collection has a softer touch and a tad more sparkle that you do not see on jewelry in the price point of her line.  Lizzie is a perfectionist when it comes to her treasures as, “Quality is so important to me that if a design is even slightly off, I will keep redoing the model until it’s exactly what I envisioned.  I know gold is expensive, but I am not willing to give up quality to save on costs!”  It’s no wonder that her favorite designers include Cartier and Vintage Boucheron. 

As for how she comes up with ideas for her designs, there is no rhyme or reason with Lizzie.  She uses whatever comes to mind or what she is immersed in at the moment or even a random sketch.   Lizzie had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, during college.  She loved every aspect of Florence and described the city as magical.  Today, Lizzie single handedly runs her business without a design or staff team, while also being a mother of two children.  She happily does it all because she is passionate about making beautiful jewelry.  Lizzie enjoys the flexibility it offers in allowing her to spend quality time with her family.  She gets to enjoy moments like bringing her daughter to the office and turning around to find her little one wearing a few necklaces with a huge grin.  It is during times like these, such as seeing her cute daughter play happily with her jewelry, that Lizzie takes a minute to enjoy and be in the moment. 

Lizzie Scheck JewelryFor something both fun and elegant to “transport yourself back to Marie Antoinette’s court,” the Fan Necklace features a dainty fan pendant in pave diamonds.  Turn heads with this rustic yet royal 14k necklace that is subtle enough as an everyday piece.  Lizzie is always adding new pieces to her collection while keeping most on an ongoing basis as they are simply classic and so wearable.  Lizzie Scheck Jewelry is sold at Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Belle Gray, and boutiques nationwide and internationally.  Lizzie believes that style is a means of expression that is different for each person in presenting themselves to the world.  She strives to create designs to reflect and enhance the unique style of each wearer. In closing, Lizzie thoughtfully shares that she is extremely grateful to all of her loyal fans.  Get your dose of Lizzie Scheck Jewelry online at  

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