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Kara Ackerman Designs

Kara Ackerman Designs

Designer to Watch with the Midas Touch

Kara Ackerman DesignsKara established her brand, Kara Ackerman Designs in 1998 and has been professionally designing jewelry for fifteen years.  Kara Ackerman Designs is unique from other lines as her collections are created with both vision and purpose. Each piece is infused with a distinct sense of individuality and style which is enhanced by the woman who wears it.  The style of her collection is very feminine and sophisticated, which is a reflection of her own personal style.  Her full collection consists of three lines; GemGirls, Kara Ackerman Designs and KSA Designs for Men.  GemGirls features personalized charms meant to be worn beautifully on necklaces and bracelets.  Kara Ackerman Designs is her fine jewelry line of high-end, ready-to-wear earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.  KSA Designs for Men includes cuff links and sterling silver money clips that are both smart and stylish.  Kara works mostly with 18K rose or yellow gold and loves black and pink diamonds for their pure and natural beauty.  She has also found sterling silver to be a great creative tool as of late. 

Kara studied business management and corporate communications at Boston University and Pine Manor College, and later earned her degree in gemology.  Her first career was in the entertainment industry, where she worked for eight years.  Even then, she was always still designing in her spare time and on the side before she was able to fully launch her brand.  Having always been interested in fashion because of her beautiful and stylish mother, Kara loved playing dress-up and draping herself in her mothers’ jewels as early as age three.  Her mother has been a strong influence as she has since inspired Kara to follow her passion of creating beautiful designs.  Kara also wanted to be an entrepreneur and have the freedom to design beautiful jewelry without any restrictions or limitations.  She has always been very creative and since her teens, showed this creativity through writing and drawing.  Jewelry design has been her longstanding hobby and Kara says, “I am blessed to have taken a hobby and turned into a career.”

Kara Ackerman DesignsKara shares her favorites with the magazine and attests her Skinny Inside Out Micro-Pave Diamond Hoops in rose or yellow gold are her most beloved.  These hoops are her day to evening look and can barely be felt because they are so lightweight.  These skinny micro-pave hoops are also our Editor’s Pick because they are stunning in person and too gorgeous to pass up.  The hoops are elegantly slim and arc gracefully with pave round diamonds (.25ct t.w.).  These gorgeous hoops also come in sterling silver and oxidized silver, which have been popular choices for people on the West Coast. Kara loves how they sparkle nicely since they hold a quarter carat of diamond chips.  As worn by Emma Stone at the MTV Awards and featured in Instyle Look of the Day.  She also loves her Judie Collection 24K Vermeil Rings, which are amazing and available in over ten different stone choices.  At an affordable price of only $95 each, they are great as gifts and fun to stack upon one another.   

Kara Ackerman Designs keeps same or similar styles in its collection, with seasonal and creative adjustments from time to time.  Her line also graciously donates to many charities throughout the year and Kara herself personally donates and attends functions when she can.  Kara is inspired by everything around her, from her showroom desk Kara Ackerman Designsto her beach blanket, she finds inspiration in her everyday life.  “I can also be inspired just by being something new like a dress and designing jewelry to go with it and pull the look together,” she says.  Another Editor’s Pick are the Talulah Diamond Bangles, which were featured on the cover of Shape Magazine and have been worn by Lauren Graham, Sofia Vergara, Brittany Snow, Amy Poehler, and others. These gorgeous bangles feature .25ct diamonds set in an almond shaped setting pattern all throughout, creating a bubble effect with the sparkling diamonds.  Available in sterling silver or gold vermeil with diamonds, these are fabulous worn alone or stacked.

Her line has been featured in hundreds of magazines, including In Style, Glamour, Bridal Guide, Genlux, People, and more.  Kara Ackerman Designs Kara Ackerman Designshas already been picked up and favored by some of Hollywood’s biggest names.  She notes that the most popular items amongst celebrities in her collection are her hoops and cocktail rings.  Kara is extremely proud to have incredible women like, Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde, wear her jewelry both on and off the red carpet.  Recently, Megan Fox wore one of her brand new cocktail rings, the Brooke Ring, to the Scream Awards and looked beautiful.  The ring features tiny white topaz stones hand bead set over a wide oval plate that sits comfortably on your finger.  The sparkling topaz stones can be hand bead set in either sterling silver, rose or yellow vermeil gold. 

She considers herself lucky enough to have expanded to the point where she has assistants working under her so that she is able to spread the work out.  In the coming years, Kara sees her line as being expanded worldwide with women everywhere draping themselves in Kara Ackerman and on the cover of every magazine.  Kara exclaims, “Every woman should have a piece of my collection in her jewelry box.”   Kara Ackerman Designs is sold at small fine jewelry boutiques and online jewelry sites.  She loves traveling and adored Venice, Italy, for their use of lace and was inspired by Paris for their spring colors around the Seine.  Her favorite jewelry designer is JAR.  In her free time, Kara loves spending time with her husband and family.  Kara shares, “I love what I do and was very lucky to turn my hobby into a very fulfilling career. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and of my brand. It’s an honor to have my name on every piece in my collection.


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