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Jessica Ricci Jewelry

Jessica Ricci Jewelry

The Beauty of the World Through the Eyes of the Beholder

Jessica Ricci JewelryDesigner Jessica Ricci launched her line, Jessica Ricci Jewelry, in 2005, after living in Rome and teaching English there.  Jessica Ricci Jewelry is as much about a narrative as it is about the design because to her, it is the challenge of the treasure hunt and idea of seeing something that was once a tossed-away object and imagining what it could potentially become.  For Jessica, her jewelry somewhat reflects the globalization of the modern world and the need to preserve what makes those countries different today.  She adds “History, symbolism, nationality and experience play a part in what is to be made.”  Jessica Ricci Jewelry is simple, symbolic and slightly bohemian.  Despite having traveled the world, she still feeds wed to Italy as it was her first love.  The pieces in her collection change and evolve with her travels to various countries and experiences with cultures. “Jewelry seems to be an amalgamation of differing and sometimes contradictory interests,” she says. 

Jessica studied English Literature at Holy Cross College figuring it would be “artistic” since she could not draw very well.  After graduating, she volunteered for a year in Great Falls, Montana, working for an emergency services organization where she befriend two women who were opening a bead store called The Bead Café.  Jessica helped them fix up, paint, organize the store, and did what she could to trade for beads and lessons.  On those snowy and ungodly cold nights, Jessica recalls making way too many necklaces.  She is a compulsive gift giver and must have mailed necklaces out to all her friends because occasionally she will see a friend or get a Facebook post with a mention of a beaded necklace they still wear from her “Montana Daze.”  After returning to Rhode Island and eventually moving to New York to attend New York University for a Masters in Journalism, Jessica continued her rudimentary craft. 

She worked for several publications before deciding to make a big change.  Jessica got certified to teach English, moved to Rome in 2001 and found a job teaching English.  While in the back of her mind she imagined herself speaking beautiful Italian within a year and working for an international bureau, too many hours of teaching English and smoking cigarettes with her fellow Americans stilted this process and her Italian suffered.  But luckily, during her first two years in the Eternal City, she scoured the sprawling Roman flea market, the Porta Potese, and would spend hours rummaging through dusty boxes in search of Santini, old prayer cards beloved by Italians.  Being brought up Catholic, she understood the iconography and loved knowing all the stories and patronages.  Since Jessica had always been curious about jewelry designing and fabrication, she took a pearl stringing class in Rome (in Italian nonetheless) and met a goldsmith. Somehow, in broken Italian, Jessica communicated her design ideas into models and prototypes. 

After living in Rome for almost four years, she returned home to a lot of changes and was uncertain as to what to do with her life.  “I decided I would throw myself into learning how to make jewelry, which I did through a series of trial and error, calling manufacturers in the yellow pages and fumbling through my ideas,” she shares.  The Raw Jewelry collection came out of her interest in healing stones and fond memories of her grandmother’s large and fabulous baubles. Her personal favorite from this collection is the Aquamarine, as it was considered Mermaids jewelry and her nieces love mermaids. Jessica shares “My setting is simple and I like to say it is so to showcase the stone, but if I have to be honest, it was the Jessica Ricci Jewelrysecond thing I had ever designed and I constructed what I could. I like the way it turned out, so I will keep it as it is.”  Celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt owns the round Onyx 14k Raw Ring, which we have selected as an Editor’s Pick.  This gorgeous raw ring features a large round faceted cut onyx ring set in a gold ring.  Resembling a black diamond solitaire at a fraction of the price, this stunning and sleek ring will be sure to get noticed.  Onyx is known to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition and one's instincts as it is a strength-giving stone that brings balance to the mind or body. 

Because Jessica knew she loved travelling, writing, telling stories, shopping through markets, and working for the betterment of communities, she decided to create jewelry that would combine all of those interests.  “It’s kind of like jewelry meets journalism in a way. I Jessica Ricci Jewelrynow volunteer in the developing countries that I visit to satisfy my need to help and to allow me deeper access into the countries,” she says.  Jessica loves her saints in her Deities collection because they remind her of her original inspiration and the city she fell in love with.  Ranging from Archangel Michael to Buddah or Shiva, actress Chloe Sevigny has also purchased several of these saints.  Jessica likes the idea of Temet Nosce, “know thyself” from her Spiritus Graffiti collection because it begs the question of whether or not something is ever a possibility.  In the Wanderlust collection, she loves the Masai Eternal Life Spearhead because it satisfies her interests in mysticism, biological evolution and genetics.  She found this spearhead at a bazaar in Tanzania and got to meet a semi-nomadic warrior tribe called the Masai. 

Jessica Ricci JewelryWe selected the Round French Lace Pendant as an Editor’s Pick from her romantic Lace collection.  This pendant showcases its delicate and feminine detail with a golden luster and exudes romanticism.  The pendant is approximately 2” and small enough as an everyday piece while still remaining breathtaking with its design.  Jessica found this delicate “200-year–old lace” in a Paris flea market, which she casted and made into pieces.  Meant to reflect the elegance found in Parisian flea markets, this necklace is a variation on a larger piece of lace with a rounded silhouette to add to the fragility of the original uncovered lace.  Jessica herself is partial to the Large French Lace Pendant because it was the first lace she found and held onto it until she realized what it was meant to be.  Her design process begins with bazaars or antique spots with unique pieces, which develop with the aspects of the country of her experience there to help form the ideas for her jewelry.  Jessica does this process all on her own, with the help of a manufacturer who does her casting. 

Jessica Ricci JewelryAlso from the Lace collection, the French Lace Cuff Bracelet is an Editor’s Pick for its stunning and exquisitely beautiful design.  Cast from the same 200-year-old lace mentioned above, this gorgeous cuff was designed to look like fine lace wrapped around the wrist.  The dainty holes and pattern of this lace are captured on a gold cuff to forever capture the richness and history of Parisian lace.  Surprisingly, this is also one of the most comfortable cuffs we have ever encountered as it is flexible and pliable to form to one’s wrist.  This cuff is crafted to slightly undulate like real fabric and to form to the wearer softly and comfortably.  She loves using gold for the way it looks on the skin and how it wears.  From the Keys collection, Jessica adores the Buenos Aires Diamond Key Necklace because it holds a bohemian yet sophisticated feel, which she experienced while visiting the city.

Jessica Ricci Jewelry is sold at various stores in California, Blue Bee and more.  She hopes to expand into larger department stores eventually and have wider name recognition, along with pieces from every continent.  Her favorite jewelry designers are Me & Ro and Alex and Ani, as well as museum pieces.  She also loves looking through books on Byzantine jewelry or Art Deco pieces.  In her free time, Jessica enjoys cooking, yoga, walking her adorable dog, and spending time with her nieces to ensure she remains their favorite Auntie.  Sharing a bit of herself, Jessica adds, “Nothing makes me happier when people connect with my jewelry. Traditionally Jewelry has always had a sentimental and talismanic aspect and I try really hard to continue this tradition.”  To shop her worldly jewelry collection, visit

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