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Jessica DeCarlo Designs

Jessica DeCarlo Designs

Bohemian Chic Jewelry for the Everyday Woman

Jessica DeCarlo DesignsJessica DeCarlo is the designer and founder of Jessica DeCarlo Designs and has worked with many artists and jewelry designers worldwide.  As her experience in craftsmanship continued, her eye for design grew, catching the attention of jewelry designers both local and abroad.   Her designs exhibit an elegant, yet playful style, with an organic feel that makes each collection unique.  Jessica DeCarlo Designs has been featured in Lucky magazine and Daily Candy.  She describes her style of jewelry as Bohemian and chic, thus appropriately coined “bohochic.”  She enjoys working with all types of metals, but especially 18k gold.  Jessica has created custom pieces for several celebrities.  One of her favorites was the French Soprano, Natalie Dessay, in which she created custom earrings to match her vintage Valentino gown. 

Jessica has always possessed a creative soul and noticed and admired beauty in everyday ordinary things, especially nature.  She was a dancer for many years growing up, painted, and always sketched and drew fashion and jewelry designs.  Jessica studied fine arts, fashion, and jewelry design at St. Michael’s College in Vermont.  Aside from her education in the arts, she was fortunate enough to study with goldsmiths in Florence, Italy, during her internship at Metallo Nobile.  Italy was the most influential country as she learned various and amazing traditional techniques that she will forever use in her jewelry making. Being of Italian descent and with family in the south of Italy, it felt like a second home to her as Italy has some of the most beautiful architecture, artwork, and people she has ever laid eyes on.  “My experiences there led me to grow into the designer I am now,” Jessica says.  She visits Italy at least once a year, knowing that it will continually influence her style and method of making jewelry. 

Jessica DeCarlo DesignsWe are proud to present the pieces we selected as Editor’s Picks.  Her line currently features seven collections; Bamboo, Sticks and Stones, Lotus Flames, Rosebud Thorns, Arrows, Seashells, and Roots.  From her Bamboo collection, we adore the Gold Bamboo Necklace, featuring an 18K gold dipped hand carved bamboo stick on a gold chain ($98).  This is perfect for everyday wear with its clean and curved silhouette and it symbolizes good luck.  A gal can never have too much luck these days!  Jessica also adores the matching Bamboo Bracelet in gold because it is so lightweight and delicate. 

Her Rosebud Thorn collection is extremely unique and strongly influenced by the strong, but delicate splendor of thorns.  Jessica has always had a Jessica DeCarlo Designsthing for roses as she holds fond memories of her father bringing her and her mother roses on special occasions.  Not to mention, her middle name is Rose after her grandmother.  Jessica adores anything rose scented and besides drenching herself in rose water daily, it is no wonder the Rosebud Thorn Bracelet in gold reminds her of all things roses.  We personally love her Rosebud Thorn Necklace for its hand carved sterling silver rosebud thorn pendant ($68).  The sharp tip of the thorn draws attention while its smooth surface accentuates its organic feel. 

Jessica DeCarlo Designs is unique from other jewelry designers because every collection comes straight from her heart, whether it is something she is attached to or has learned or experienced.  “The jewelry is unique because it derives from my ideas and personal concepts,” Jessica adds.  She believes in hand carving and crafting every single piece or choosing each stone carefully.  Nothing is manufactured overseas as all pieces are made in New York City.  She has been making jewelry since she was fourteen and has worked for many different kinds of jewelers and designers.  At her last job, she promised herself that would be last company and boss she would ever have to work for.  Jessica was ready as she always knew from a young age that she would have her own business.  She recalls, “I knew that I was perfectly capable, willing, and passionate enough to do this on my own.  Years of wearing, admiring, envisioning and creating jewelry led me to where I am at now and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” 

Jessica DeCarlo DesignsJessica shares some of her favorite pieces among her current collections, starting off with the Tree Trunk Necklace in 18K gold from her Sticks and Stones Collection ($120).  This piece is also one of our Editor’s Picks and is lovely for its simplicity and unique form and etching.  She wears this piece constantly and never takes it off as it was inspired by all Jessica DeCarlo Designsher years and hiking in Vermont.  From her Lotus Flames collection, the Large Lotus Flame Earrings in gold look elegant and edgy at the same time as they can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for all occasions ($98).  Jessica originally doodled this design during Sociology class in college but it came alive after she sculpted it.  This pair is also available in a smaller size as the Small Gold Lotus Earrings, which offer the same beautiful gold detail and luster as the larger ones.

The Roots Necklace in gold holds an organic, earthy feel as roots can symbolize many things for different people.  The Seashell Necklace in Matte Gold is cast from a cross section of an actual shell she found growing up on the Jersey shore.  There is something very special about an object found straight from nature cast in gold and to her, it symbolizes the endless days she spent on the beach.  Jessica loves her Cross Direction Arrow Necklace in gold for its sexy and edgy look as it gives off a mysterious, seductive feel ($120).  It looks great on anyone with its two golden arrows crossed over one another and dangling from the neckline.  She specifically created arrows because everyone is constantly going every which way.   

With the holidays here, Jessica also introduces her special holiday collection, featuring limited edition pieces made especially Jessica DeCarlo Designsfor the celebratory season.  The Holiday Lotus Flame Necklace is perfect for holiday parties or dinners with its hand carved 18k vermeil lotus flame pendant.  This lotus flame hangs from a vermeil chain emblazoned with deep red garnet stones.  The garnet briolettes adorning the chain with the warm gold of the lotus flame makes this a perfect holiday piece.  Her ideas come from all over; travel, experience, various art forms, patterns on vintage scarves and clothes, and all and anything she finds special or particularly interesting (antique buttons, uniquely shaped gems and found objects).  Some inspirations and artists she admires are Tim Burton, Caldwell, and Klimt. 

Jessica DeCarlo Designs is sold at independent boutiques across the country.  She has big plans for the future and looks to create more new, exciting collections to be featured in boutiques across the country and also internationally.  “I cannot wait to watch it grow as I do,” she says.  Her collection is continually changing and she features five collections annually while showcasing the best of her older styles.  She works with and adores her team of few, but fabulous employees who assist her with sales and assembling.  Jessica truly loves her work as she shares, “I put everything I have into making, designing, and having this wonderful business…I’m not sure how to describe how happy I am to have people enjoy and feel beautiful wearing the pieces I have created.  There is absolutely nothing that I would rather be doing with my life.”  And those are the words of a truly wise and talented woman, living in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, New York.  To view and shop her collection, visit

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