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Fine Gift Wrap and Cards for Every Occasion

Heidi Heidi Arriza is the sole creator of Heidi, a line devoted to providing creative and vibrant gift wrap, paper journals, note sets, and accessories. Heidi sells “the complete package” so that her customers can easily get everything from stunning ribbons to matching gift cards in order to create the ultimate presentation of a gift. Heidi is unique from other stationers because the brand is built on the philosophy of “Creating Thoughtful Beauty” as a way of life, through giving, receiving, and sharing. Most importantly, Heidi wants to make the process of gift giving fun and her line stands apart from other designers because her passion is to inspire people to be truly thoughtful to themselves and others.

Heidi Heidi was inspired to launch her line due to her affinity for wrapping paper and stationery. “After searching for the ideal gift-wrap solutions that captured her style and love of fashion,” she decided to take the reins by creating her own ideal gift-wrap designs. She holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California, as well as a minor in Marketing Communications. Her creativity for fashion and visual art began earlier in her life, and she now often sketches, paints, sews, and even indulges in photography. Her design ideas evolve from whatever she is inspired by at the moment, but her inspiration is also strongly sparked by the patterns, colors, and shapes found in nature. She even looks to patterns, textiles, and art from other countries and fashion from various eras.

HeidiOne cannot help but brag about Heidi’s line of gift wrapping paper as both quality and design speak for themselves. Sold in sheets, the high quality paper is thick, strong, and holds well in hugging edges during wrapping and resisting tears. The consistency is matte and professional looking. All gift wrap can be purchased as a collection or a la carte. As a collection, it includes the gift wrap, fancy ribbon, and a set of matching note cards. With this complete set, you won’t need to go outand gather the necessary items as they are all provided for. The Veranda and Nouvella Heidiare amazingly vibrant designs that are versatile for most celebrations. The Veranda includes a fresh design in an avocado green against a white background, with a stunning tri-colored ribbon blending soft hues of green, peach, and cranberry. The Nouvella includes a chocolate brown ribbon, with gift wrap featuring bulbous floral designs in brown and pistachio green.

A personal favorite is the Ariel gift wrap first for its lovely color combination of pink and dark brown, and second Heidifor its beautiful design of butterflies. Heidi even features various gift wraps and cards for the holidays! The Dovey gift wrap features festive burnt red prints of doves and hollies over a snowy white background. Heidi also sells a hanging gift wrap organizer, which is handy for storing ribbons, gift bags, cards, and gift wrap. Rolled gift wrap paper and rolls are held upright and protected from damage as it easily slides into a plastic compartment.

For premium note cards, Heidi has a letterpress collection, which uses the oldest and most elegant form of printing, to create the very best. Her letterpress note cards have four distinct and colorful designs, each sold in Heidiseparate sets. All letterpress cards have a lovely, texture and lasting impression because the images are inked and pressed into the paper. The ever so practical Motif card (a Heidi favorite) is a charming thank you note with its delightful pattern in shades of army green and aqua. The Divinia has an elegant and feminine floral design displaying flora and butterflies in hues of soft green and magenta. These note cards are extremely useful to have around as they can accompany gifts, or simply be used in sending an elegant note.

HeidiHeidiHeidi also sells every day note cards, featuring printed designs on smaller and more casual note cards. These note cards are extremely versatile because they can be mixed and matched with a variety of Heidi gift wrap. One of Heidi’s favorites is the Ona design, which is sharp and classy with its contrast of dark navy blue and white designs behind a vertical navy blue ribbon strip. The Luxy is sure to brighten anyone’s day with its citrus orange design and “Hi – enjoy your day” greeting across the front. If a lighter design suits you, the Livia has floral inspired designs in shades of green and aqua that are soft on the eyes yet fresh and modern.

HeidiHer paper journals are one of my favorite items because they bare a fresh, captivating design cover, and are even slim enough to fit into your purse. The Octango design features a white and soft baby blue design patter on its cover with striking flowers. The Tallulah on the other hand, is refreshingly eye-catching with its silhouette of a flower against a citrus orange background.

Heidi’s ambitious outlook on the future of her line is to continue as a top industry leader within both domestic and foreign markets for stationary, papers, and gifts. She also has hopes of successfully becoming the next up-and-coming leader in the home market as she looks to license her designs for tableware, bedding, linens, and home décor in the future. She is also author of Pattern and Palette: HeidiA Sourcebook for Choosing the Perfect Color and Pattern in Design, which is a beautiful collection of patterns and color stories that uncover combinations encouraging readers to examine color relationships in the context of design. This book is sold both nationally and internationally, as well as on The Heidi line can be found at boutique paper stores nationwide as well as online at Heidi’s words of wisdom are, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” - Rumi

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