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Gorjana Jewelry Collection

Gorjana Jewelry Collection

Launched in 2004 by Gorjana and her husband, the Gorjana jewelry collection has already captured the attention of the fashion industry.  “I wanted to design a collection of jewelry that was beautiful and affordable,” she shares.  Celebrities everywhere have been sporting Gorjana jewelry such as Lindsay Lohan wearing the Poppy Wrap and Blossom Hoops or Hayden Panettiere and Mandy Moore opting for the Grand Arc Hoops while Olivia Wilde is a fan of the Madison Bangles.  There are so many elements and details that go into each design from her collection.  “Our jewelry is simple yet detailed, delicate yet makes a statement, and classic but very current. I think the combination of all those elements provides for a unique aesthetic,” she says.  Gorjana was born in Yugoslavia to a pastry chef and engineer, but moved with her family to Canada when she was seven.  She was always creative as a child and at the age of three, her uncle gave her a toy sewing machine that she would play with for hours on end.  Even while she was in school, Gorjana was crafty since she always had hobbies and side projects such as knitting sweaters for her dolls and scrapbooking. 

After moving to the United States during high school, she was selected by Ford Model & Talent for high-fashion photo shoots and catwalks. She went Gorjana Jewelry Collectionon to study business and marketing at Arizona State University.  Gorjana finds it funny where life leads you because simply fell into becoming a jewelry designer.  While she always wanted to design, she never considered jewelry as her medium while growing up.  The Ivy Earrings in silver exude a smooth, icy silver luster in the shape of diamonds with textured detail.  The cross weave pattern gives these earrings a unique structure and background that looks great whether your hair is worn up or down.  The earrings are 2” long and dangle perfectly to catch the light and draw attention with its minute textured detail and alluring shape. 

Gorjana never received any professional training, just her own creativity and design that was “sparked and harvested at a very age” by being around her grandmothers and mother.  She remembers they were always creating things, knitting sweaters, crocheting tablecloths or Gorjana Jewelry Collectionsewing their own clothing.  “It was really inspiring to be around as a child,” she shares.  When this newlywed couple first started out designing jewelry, they hit the road with a bag of samples and their four pound Yorkie, without any sales representatives, showrooms, or assistants.  Ultimately, they forged their own way and the Gorjana collection is now carried by fine boutiques worldwide.  Layering long necklaces has been a fashion favorite for decades.  The Bowman Necklace in silver is a lovely layered chain necklace with an assortment of various chain styles draping elegantly.  This necklace is 34” long and looks great when worn over a t-shirt because it hangs ever so lightly to add just a hint of shimmer. 

Gorjana has her personal favorites from each category, such as the Bali Arc Hoops, which are great everyday hoops and go with almost everything she wears.  She can wear them casually or dressed up and they always look great.  Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba also love these hoops.  Gorjana’s favorite necklace right now is her newest Diamond and Sterling Disco Ball because it is so delicate and fun at the same time.  Her absolute favorite pieces right now are the Graham Leather Bracelets, which are available with studs or simply plain.  They can be worn layered as many as wanted and are edgy but still feminine.  She also favors her Stackable Rings that come in a set of seven so you can wear all or just some of them.  As a classic from the collection, the rings all have different textures and really make a statement.

Gorjana Jewelry CollectionOne of our best picks, the G Wrap Necklace in 18k plated gold is a classic layer wrap necklace that goes perfectly with a suit or a simple dress.  This wrap necklace is made of Gorjana Jewelry Collectionsmall links that are accented with circles throughout.   The necklace is 40” long and is meant to be worn wrapped around twice, giving multiple layers.  We love this wrap necklace because it is both classic and modern at the same time.  For a bolder piece that will make a statement, the Peony Ring Necklace in 18k plated gold features a circle charm made up of individual miniature circles.  The circle pendant measures 1 ¼” in diameter and is striking upon first glance.  The pendant is held by double strands on each side of the circle pendant to give the necklace an edgier appearance.

The collection has a wide selection of beautiful necklaces, from trendy and hip to classic and simple.  The Double Tinsley Necklace in 18k plated gold is a modern and delicate favorite.  This necklace is a dainty double strand necklace with petite circle discs hanging from the Gorjana Jewelry Collectioncenter of each strand.  The circle discs align vertically as they hang from the two separate strands and are eye-catching in the most simplistic manner.  She gets inspiration for her designs from all sorts of things like magazines, people, and nature. Gorjana Jewelry is simple and timeless.  Gorjana considers Yugoslavia as one of her most influential countries because she picked up on certain aspects of her surroundings while growing up there, and which has continued to stay with her throughout her life.  The materials are ever changing, but for the moment it focuses on chains and leather.  Gorjana is the sole designer of her pieces but also has some great girls employed who are always willing to give their in put and help by providing a critical eye.  Her basic collection includes timeless pieces that will always remain since they continue to be best sellers.  Aside from that, Gorjana introduces five new collections each year.

Gorjana Jewelry CollectionGorjana has a wide selection of hoops in various sizes and styles to choose from.  Our favorite are the Willow Earrings in silver for their tiny dot details positioned throughout the textured circles.  The miniature dots add dimension to the hoop circles, making them distinctively stand out from standard hoop earrings and ton of fun to wear.  Her favorite jewelry designer is Anthony Nak for the intricacy of their pieces and what they do with stones in mixing it up.  Aside from her serious addiction to brownies, Gorjana feels extremely lucky to do what she loves and have the support of her customers and fans.  Gorjana Jewelry is sold in 600 retailers worldwide, including high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, and CUSP.  Her first collection of contemporary handbags launched in Fall 2009.  Her jewelry and handbag collection can be purchased directly online at

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