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Cattle Boyz Original BBQ Sauce

Just because summer is about to wrap up, doesn’t mean you can’t heat up the grill for some good old-fashioned barbeque.  How about healthy barbeque for a change?  No, it’s not as oxymoronic as you may think.  Cattle Boyz Original BBQ SauceAmong all the barbeque sauces and marinades on the market, most of them are full of preservatives, additives, and MSG.  Its one thing to savor a tasty barbeque sauce, but its simply another thing to spoil your body with unnatural ingredients.  The first step to healthy barbequing is what you use to marinade and grill with.  Introducing Cattle Boyz BBQ Sauce, an all natural and gourmet barbeque sauce that will guarantee to lasso you in.

Unlike other sauces that use artificial flavorings to capture that commonly popular smoked, hickory flavor, Cattle Boyz prides themselves on using all natural ingredients.  Their special recipe consists of molasses, soya, mustard, garlic, and chili peppers.  The molasses and soya gives Cattle Boyz sauces a rich, pure, brown color instead of the bright red you may be use to seeing in other sauces.    

The great thing about Cattle Boyz sauce is that its consistency is not thick and chunky like other sauces that result in sticky fingers.  Cattle Boyz specially formulates their sauces for a thinner and more versatile consistency.  As a result of making a lighter sauce, it alternatively becomes multi-purpose for various other uses such as marinades (which absorbs better than thicker sauces), glazes, dipping sauces, and stir-fry for beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables.  

Cattle Boyz Original BBQ SauceThe Cattle Boyz Original BBQ Sauce has won numerous awards for its taste and versatility since its introduction in 1998.  The molasses presents a sweet undertone that is tangy, while the chili kicks in spiciness.  Great for marinades on steaks and ribs!  This also works wonders for stir-fry and dipping sauces.  You can even take it to the next level by using the sauce as an additive to beans, pasta and pizza sauces and chili to create a unique flavor. 

If you want something a little more creative, try the Cattle Boyz Honey Hot BBQ Sauce, which tastes much sweeter and hotter than the Original since it is made with real honey and an extra blend of chili peppers.  MSG and Gluten free, it works great for dipping in place of ketchup as well as a glaze for meats or for stir-fry. 

Cattle Boyz knows what people want and doesn’t compromise taste in the least!  Unique, spicy, but not overpowering, it stands apart from the generic tastes other brands have to offer. 

You can find Cattle Boyz Sauces distributed nationwide in retail stores (for a full list go to their website).  You can also order sauces, spices, and specialty gifts such as personalized steak knives or cedar gift boxes from  Be sure to check out the recipe section for delicious ideas in using the sauce for steaks, ribs, and whatever else your taste buds may fancy. 

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