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Aviary Jewelry

Jewelry of “Freedom and Movement” Takes Flight

Aviary JewelryKelly Dent is the sole founder and designer of Aviary Jewelry and describes her style as “weighty organic pieces depicted in precious metals.”  Aviary Jewelry is unique from other designs because it features a line of simple classic shapes that are hand shaped in wax and then hand assembled.  Rather than a dizzying array of different pieces, she makes it simple by presenting a quaint and creative group.  In 2007, Kelly named her Aviary Jewelryline Aviary Jewelry after her first piece, the Bird Necklace, which paved her path from that point forward.  Her collection features delicate and charming gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry with designs of graceful shapes of birds, eggs, arrows, feathers, wishbones, and “other interpretations of freedom and movement.”  Each piece involves the meticulous technique of hand-carving wax into molds, then casting and plating them in gold vermeil or sterling silver.

Aviary JewelrySome of Kelly’s favorites include the Feather Earrings for their simple but weighty glamour and the Arrow Necklace for its uniqueness in a women’s jewelry line.  And of course, the Bird Pendant Necklace will always hold a special place in her heart as one of her top favorites as it is her first design, and made of a Aviary Jewelrysimple shape with smooth lines.  A smooth gold or silver bird pendant measuring 1 ½” hangs from two chains.  Kelly comes up with ideas for her designs by starting out with pieces she wants for herself and then following the theme “inspired by freedom and flight.”  We also adore her feather collection and recommend the Silver Two Feathers Necklace for a casual piece that is lightweight enough for everyday wear and sure to be noticed.  Two weighty sterling silver feathers with minute detail hang gracefully from a 30” delicate silver chain.  This is also great for layering with other necklaces.

Kelly has loves creativity as she was a makeup artist for five years before taking up jewelry.  She was always the friend who hand-crafted gifts like sewn leather purses, knit scarves, and felt picture pillows. Kelly majored in Cultural Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She gained so much from her education in studying art and design from different eras and cultures and learned how people in different societies used various forms of expression.  Her independent streak led her to an interest in an entrepreneurship that would allow versatility and creativity. She is a tactile person who loves working with her hands, and after taking a jewelry class, realized she really enjoyed it and wanted to learn more.  Kelly also comes from a family of creative women because she discovered her great aunt also made jewelry in the same wax casting method after her own introduction to jewelry. 

Aviary JewelryThe Gold Twig Necklace displays a gold vermeil detailed twig held at both ends by glinty double chains.  The gold vermeil double chains each differ in its size and shape, adding another element of creativity to the necklace. The twig measures 2 ½” and can be worn so that the twig hangs horizontally or diagonally at an angle. Also available in sterling silver.  Another one of our favorites is the Egg Necklace, featuring a perfectly oval weighty golden or Aviary Jewelrysilver egg suspended from a double chain necklace.  We could not decide between the gold vermeil and sterling silver and think they both deserve equal recognition for their simplicity and style.  You also have the option of choosing cracked or uncracked egg pendants.  Kelly’s keen eye for the raw elements of material can be seen in this piece as one of the chains are dainty and delicate while the other is heavier with an edgier feel.  This 27” necklace is worn long and can be layered and paired with many of Kelly’s other pieces.

In the next five years, Kelly would love to have her own workshop with a bright and efficient team under her to help incorporate stones and other materials into my work.  She also finds traveling an inspiration because every new place introduces different design ideas.  Aviary Jewelry is sold at boutiques like Some Odd Rubies, Diavolina, and Yolk.  Kelly Dent resides and designs in Los Angeles.  Stayed tuned for her new collection due out Fall 2009.  For the current and full Aviary Jewelry collection, visit

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