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Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot Sauces

Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot Sauces

Hot Hot Heat!  The Ultimate Scorchers for Every Chili Head

Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot SaucesScott Bailie, creator and founder of Scotty B’s Gourmet Hot Sauces, has won national awards for his delicious and fiery selection of hot sauces.  Scotty B’s currently has eight amazing and delicious hot sauces in its collection, all of which are free of preservatives and all natural. Scotty B’s is unique and different from other hot sauces because they are the only ones on the market that are not made with a water or vinegar base.  Instead, they use a tomato or pepper base, which adds immense flavor and depth to the sauces themselves.  All sauces are gluten free, vegan and low sodium.  Anything but ordinary, these hot sauces offer heat without compromising the natural flavors of chilies since they do not use capsaicin extract, which is the main ingredient found in most of the other hot sauces on the market.  Each sauce has its own unique explosion of flavor and will please the pickiest hot sauce connoisseur to even the most daring chili head.

Scott teamed up with his friend, Bobby Chade, to start the company, Good Eatz Gourmet, in order to officially become the makers of Scotty B’s Gourmet Hot Sauces.  Robert runs the business side of the company while Scott is the head of development.  Scott does not have a culinary background and was inspired to start Scotty B’s when he was living in Idaho and began dabbling in his kitchen during free time.  Since he worked in flooring, he had time on his hands when the weather was bad due to the lack of work in the winters.  Scotty B’s began creating sauces in the 2000’s but did not enter competitions until 2006.  The brand Scotty B’s was named after its creator, Scott Bailie and since they won 11 national awards under the name Scotty B’s, they decided to keep the name of its official brand. 

Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot SaucesSince hot sauce lovers are always looking for the next dose of fire, we decided to review four of Scotty B’s hottest sauces available.  As far as popularity goes, all eight hot sauce flavors are equally popular across the board.  Their newest sauce, Ghostly Garlic, has made a great impact as it is the most requested sauce so far.  Staring off with a hint of sinful sweetness as it hits your taste buds, the pepper and garlic is mild but continues building up to a pleasant heat.  Made with the finest red jalapeno puree, the complexity of the sauce emanates from the garlicky, smoky goodness with its base of the infamous ghost pepper.  The slow burn of the ghouls is great for those who cannot tolerate intense heat from the first bite but would rather enjoy a gradual rise of warmth.  Garlic lovers will Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot Saucesdie with joy after trying this sauce on pizza, pasta, breakfast, and just about anything.  The Sweet Habanero Gourmet Hot Sauce has a standard level of “hot” with its elevated heat level.  While it was created using the same recipe as their five time award winning Sweet Jalapeno Heat, simply switching out jalapenos for habaneros resulted in a sweet heat delight that had a fabulous combination of great taste with enough heat to stand up to it.  This is a favorite amongst all heat seekers and Scotty B’s has devout fans to prove it.  Beware that while an average jalapeno is between 2,500-8,000 scoville units, a habanero is between 100,000-350,000 scoville units.

Scotty B’s products are a staple at the renowned Yamashiro restaurant in Los Angeles and in five years, Bobby hopes to see Scotty B’s in 10,000 retail locations.  Currently, Scotty B’s is sold at hot sauce specialty stores, small high end grocery stores, butcher shops and online at  Bobby shares, “If you think that you do not like hot sauce, give us a try as we range from a mild chipotle to Arch Nemesis, the hottest hot sauce on the market without capsaicin extract.  They are delightfully delicious.”  His personal favorite sauce is the Berries in Heat.  Scotty B’s is always mixing things up and tries to add a couple new flavors each year.  All their hot sauces are made in Riverside, California.

Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot SaucesMoving onto the hottest of the hot, the next two sauces are the hottest sauces Scotty B’s has to offer.  Unlike other hot sauces that are flat, one noted and meant to only burn your mouth, Scotty B’s sauces have complex flavors that you can taste along with the heat.  Nemesis Gourmet Hot Sauce has a heat level of “very hot” and is primarily made with red habaneros, which has a pepper scoville scale of up to 350,000.  This fiery devil was created with the ultimate chili head in mind because Scott wanted a wicked triple X hot sauce with an award winning gourmet taste.  Made with the very best red habanero peppers on the market and a blend of tomatoes, onion, garlic and spices to balance the flavor to perfection, this sauce will provide a sizzling level of heat for even the most daring chili heads.  This sauce is great for those who dare to try the challenge as they will not be disappointed because the sauce actually delivers heat without compromising taste.  But the ultimate scorcher is the Arch Nemesis, which was created out of frustration because pepper heads loved the taste of Nemesis but demanded more heat.  Listening to their customers, Scotty B’s took the Nemesis recipe and added Red Savina and Ghost peppers to make it “wicked” unlike any other.  In the hierarchy of heat, the Habanero pepper was once the hottest, but was then trumped by the Red Savina pepper, which was then beat by the Naga Jolokia a.k.a. Ghost Pepper in 2007.  Take heed and beware as you should test taste only a drop of this on your finger first before dousing your food with it.  This perfectly balanced sauce with complex flavors is “hot as fire and brimstone,” but in a slow creeping gradual Scotty Bís Gourmet Hot Sauceswarm full body heat sort of way.  Rather than an immediate painful burn that sears your tongue, this sauce is amazingly flavorful and uber hot at the same time.  Where else can you find a scorching hot sauce that has terrific flavor?  To date, there are not any other hot sauces on the market that does not use capsaicin extract that is hotter than Arch Nemesis.  Other hot sauces boasting of deathly fire use capsicum extract and generally heat up a pot of home cooked chili with just two drops.  But with Scotty B’s Arch Nemesis, they focus on quality and flavor of the heat and peppers rather than just the burning sensation – it is about tasting the Habanero and Jolokia peppers when eating a bowl of chili.  In the Scoville units of 100,000-1,000,000, using this sparingly delivers mouthfuls of heat and flavor. 

Scotty B’s Gourmet Hot Sauces are the perfect combination of heat and flavor and make for excellent holiday and birthday gifts.  This is the ideal everyday gift for the “hot-head” in your life.  It is no wonder they are winning awards as no other hot sauce on the market offers complex flavors in addition to bold, bold heat.  The perfect balance of flavor and heat is incomparable.  Order and try all eight flavors at


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