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Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Organic Luxury Diamond and Gemstone Rings Never Cease to Sparkle

Satomi Kawakita JewelrySatomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer and professional diamond setter.  Her brand, Satomi Kawakita Jewelry, is best described as organic and delicate as her work combines an unusual raw sense of beauty with impeccable craftsmanship.  Her favorite materials for making jewelry are gold and diamonds because she likes the contrast of the two different elements in incorporating them with natural gems and minerals.  Satomi is amazing because she designs and creates all pieces herself.  She worked as a diamond setter for seven years and in setting hundreds of diamonds daily, she realized the beauty and preciousness of diamonds.  Since she did not like any of the jewelry she had been working with, Satomi decided to start making her own designs and officially launched Satomi Kawakita Jewelry in 2008.   

Satomi Kawakita JewelrySatomi attended Kyoto Saga Art College and studied a variety of arts and crafts such as wood carving, ceramics, metal work and textiles.  She moved to Boston in 2002 while studying abroad and later relocated to New York City to study jewelry making at Studio Jewelers.  It was there that she started working as a diamond setter under the master setter Richard Scandaglia post-graduation.  Satomi made her first original ring with 18k gold and diamonds in Winter 2004 (style R0203).  As she slowly added more designs and showed them to friends, it led her to start her own collection.  Satomi Kawakita Jewelry is most known for its gorgeous and creative assortment of rings and bands, decorated with gorgeous gemstones and sparkling diamonds in different colors.

Born and raised in Japan, Satomi has always loved being creative as she was very interested in paper crafts during elementary school.  She recalls finding a book called “Origami-Kenchiku” (paper architecture) by Masahiro Chatani when she was ten.  Chatani made world famous symbolic buildings in paper form as pop-up cards.  Satomi was so impressed by the beauty and simplicity of the paper work that she made hundreds of pop-up cards.   She also loved sewing as her mother was a dress-maker and made all of Satomi’s dresses as a little girl.  Satomi went to fabric stores frequently with her mother and soon started designing her own clothes, which her mother would make.  She adds, “I really liked the process of finding the material and creating something by my hands for use and wear.”  Satomi is currently involved in a special weaving called “Saori,” which is much simpler than regular weaving.  She found this weaving while vacationing in Japan as it was invented by a Japanese lady, Misao Jo.  Satomi ended up weaving a scarf and some tops and dreams of having her own loom one day.

Satomi Kawakita JewelryThe Brown Diamond Gold Ring (R2203, R2204, R2205) is an Editor’s Pick for its unique design and delicate appeal.  The sparkling brown diamond is set in a hexagon shaped setting with the contrast of Satomi Kawakita Jewelryblack rhodium against the 18k yellow gold.  The hues of ebony black and rich gold evoke a classic air to this ring.  This ring is available in various carat sizes to suit your liking.  If you are more of a platinum girl, this ring is also available in platinum with a cleaner and brighter look. The Diamond Platinum Ring (R2203P, R2204P, R2205P) makes for a lovely engagement ring as a VS quality diamond is set in a hexagon shape setting.  The bright white of the diamond against the platinum is absolutely breathtaking.  Again, you can select the carat size for this ring or even request it in white gold. 

Before her career as a diamond setter, Satomi used to be a glass-blower as she worked for the glass artist, Takeshi Tsujino, for a couple of years.  After the glass studio closed down, she taught herself to make jewelry with glass beads and sold pieces nationwide.  Even back then, she disliked having to buy already-made clasps as she felt it would be nicer to make the small metal pieces herself.  “I think that thought lead me to start studying jewelry making,” she says.  Satomi views glass-blowing as completely different from jewelry making.  She enjoys jewelry making because she can stop and think and take as much time as she wants in creating a piece.  Since this was more of her work style and she preferred working on smaller pieces, she changed her career path and has never looked back since. 

Satomi Kawakita JewelrySatomi Kawakita Jewelry offers a beautiful and wide variety of delicate bands perfect for everyday wear.  We selected the Ruby and Gray Diamond Ring (R1403) for its sharp color contrast of ruby stones and gray diamonds halfway around the band.  Unlike any other bands we have seen on the market, this band has the best of both worlds – diamonds and rubies.  The ring is 18k yellow gold and features black rhodium around the Satomi Kawakita Jewelrystones to offer some contrast and depth.  If you prefer something simpler without two colors, then go for the Black Diamond Ring (R1401) which has black rhodium around black diamonds set in an18K yellow gold band.  The deep ebony shine from the black diamonds is great as an everyday ring.  These diamond bands are also available in other colors of diamonds such as white and cognac.

The pieces in her collection are timeless and season less.  Satomi continues to sell all her styles while adding new designs every year.  As for her favorites, Satomi admits that all of her rings are her favorites.  “Ideas for rings are unlimited for me.  Rings are so symbolic and personal, and it is a good size of canvas for me to draw things and put my ideas in,” she shares.  Her design ideas come from everywhere, whether it be something she sees or touches.  From plants, architecture, texture of fabric, patterns on a subway fence, or random marks of chewing gum on the street, Satomi is inspired from these things.  Her personal favorite jewelry designers are Karl Fritsch and Kara Hamilton (who is a good friend of hers), whom she considers geniuses. 

Satomi Kawakita JewelrySatomi Kawakita Jewelry is different from other jewelry designers because her way of setting stones is unique in that she sets them herself through un-traditional ways of setting.  For example, the R1401 has the appearance of a channel setting, but it is not since it is simply Satomi’s way of setting.  “There is no rule for stone setting or making jewelry.  It is a big advantage that I know how to set stones,” she says.  Satomi feels that the two most important things in creating is having originality and knowledge and experience with the material.  She Satomi Kawakita Jewelryconsiders herself a jewelry maker rather than a jewelry designer.  Her unique style is also displayed in her Double Finger Ring (DFR01), which is a double finger ring of sterling silver, accented with bright ruby gemstones throughout.  The design of this double finger ring mirrors the natural and delicate clusters found on corals, captured through silver and rubies.  Satomi Kawakita Jewelry offers one-of-a kind pieces that are completely distinctive and not mass produced.  The one-of-a-kind Gray Diamond Ring (GDR05) is an Editor’s Pick for its luxurious yet simple style.  Made of 18k yellow gold, this ring features a gray diamond solitaire, making this a rare treasure for ages to come.

As for the future, Satomi wants to continue keeping her business small, but would like to have her own showroom or store Satomi Kawakita Jewelrywhere she could meet people directly.  “All the people who I have met through my jewelry and their smiles led me where I am today.  So I like to keep people who come to me smiling,” she shares.  In her spare time, Satomi enjoys walking around New York City, meeting with friends, or simply thinking.  Satomi sells mostly to the boutique, Matter, as it was the very first store she knocked on by herself to introduce her jewelry.  To shop Satomi Kawakita Jewelry and find store locations, visit


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