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Baby Food that Nurtures Baby, Mother and Mother Earth

NurturMeCo-founders, Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough, created NurturMe, out of their desire to provide something better for babies and the environment.  The beauty of NurturMe is that it is the first and only certified-organic, all-natural, gluten-free baby food made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and vegetables.  By quick-drying, rather than cooking its ingredients, NurturMe is one of the most natural and nutritious baby foods as it preserves the vital nutrients and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables.  Freedman shares, “the drying process creates a higher sensory quality of the foods as freeze/drum dried foods retain more flavors, texture and color than jarred foods because they are subjected to less heat during processing.  They look better and taste fresher.”  In addition, everything is all natural as there are no added salts, sugars, colors or preservatives and gluten-free.  “While revolutionary in its approach and outcome, NurturMe was born from a mother’s most basic instinct: the need to nurture her baby, herself and the world in which they live,” says McCullough. 

Mompreneur, Freedman, is the owner of Freed Foods, LLC, a food company she founded while pregnant in search of the perfect baby food for her baby, herself, and the environment. She holds a BA degree from Bucknell University.  After much research during her first pregnancy, she discovered little had changed in the baby food industry since she was a child as “poor-tasting food in bulky, heavy, wasteful jars was still the norm.” Freedman says, “I wanted something better for my baby, myself and the environment.”  She enlisted the help of her culinary friend, McCullough, and through extensive research, they discovered that drum-dried and freeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables retained nutrients better than cooked foods, tasted fresh and delicious and was more convenient.  The duo spent two years talking about working with organic farmers, health and medical experts, scientists, drum-drying experts, and eco-conscious packaging experts to create this ideal baby food.  They liked the idea of the name coming from a baby’s perspective and how “nurture” encompasses ideas of nourishing, protecting, caring for and loving little ones. 

NurturMeDesigned for children from the age of four months to four years, NurturMe is one of the hottest new baby products on the market since their launch in summer 2010.  NurturMe offers four wholesome baby-favorite flavors: Plump Peas, Scrumptious Squash, Crisp Apples and Hearty Sweet Potatoes.  The Plump Peas are absolutely delicious as its bright green color captures the freshness and true taste and smell of peas.  With most baby food in jars, pureed peas often have an olive green color, whereas with NurturMe, the color is a bright and fresh green that is exactly what fresh peas should look like after being pureed.  You can truly taste the difference because after my first spoonful, I was immediately blown away by how surprisingly sweet and delicious it was.  The Crisp Apples are great because once prepared, they can be served with oatmeal or cereal for a healthy boost.  Keep your eyes out for more flavors to be introduced fall 2011.

NurturMeThe Hearty Sweet Potatoes pack a nice punch of healthy sweetness and vitamins and is great to sprinkle over rice cereal or oatmeal even.  We found that mixing it with water, formula, or breast milk made no difference as the end result was always a smooth and fresh blend of vegetables.  The same goes for the Scrumptious Squash as it retained its naturally bright orange color after mixing with milk and water and tasted great.  Mix thoroughly to get the clumps out and you will have a very smooth blend of fresh butternut squash as if you pureed fresh it yourself.  Celebrities including Laila Ali, Ivanka Trump, Ian Ziering, and others use NurturMe.  Selma Blair said, “What a great idea to have organic baby food pouches without added sugars or other unnecessary ingredients.  Just pure dried food.  Wonderful!  I am excited to try this with my baby when the time is right.  I hope I don't eat it before baby does!”    

NurturMe is also good for the mother because it easily mixes with breast milk, whole milk, formula or water in any desired amount or combination to reach the desired consistency.  It enables feedings to be customized completely to baby and mother’s needs.  Nursing mothers will love that NurturMe is the only baby food on the market that is breastfeeding-friendly since it can be prepared with breast milk.  These pouches are versatile and grow with the baby as they can be sprinkled into grains, purees, yogurt, and pasta for a nutritious boost.  Moms can carry less of load in their diapers bags as each pouch weights less than an ounce and has a 24-month shelf life.  Looking at the bigger picture, NurturMe is good for Mother Earth with its recyclable packaging of a single pouch without wasteful jars and caps to dispose of.  The carton that holds the pouches are also made using wind energy.  In the next five years, their vision is to be a brand leader in infant and toddler foods across the world.

NurturMe Freedman lives with her husband, Joey, and two-year old daughter, in Austin, Texas.  They are expecting their second child in early 2010.  NurturMe is available on,,, and select Whole Foods and Central Market stores.  Buy directly from NurturMe at for a box of eight meal pouches under $10.  Learn more by watching the video on their homepage with the co-founders Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough.  NurturMe is a convenient and new eco-friendly baby food that is first and only certified-organic baby food made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and vegetables.  Good for your baby, the environment, and your wallet.


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