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Nudo Italia


The Fresh Taste of Italy Straight to your Doorstep 

NudoJason Gibb and Cathy Rogers launched Nudo in 2005 after buying and restoring an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Italy's Le Marche.  Originally television producers, they gave up their successful careers to build their business in this Italian countryside, all on a hunch that they would enjoy being olive farmers.  Their love for simple natural food is the starting point for all of their products as they are all made from 100% natural, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.  “Why use artificial preservatives when olive oil is one of the best preservatives there is - and the most delicious?”  Jason and Cathy even published their own book, ‘The Dolce Vita Diaries: Stories and recipes from an Italian olive grove’, available on Nudo’s website or on Amazon.  You can also follow their blog at, which offers writings of their adventures in the Italian countryside that is both inspiring and uplifting. 

NudoLooking at the product that started it all, we are excited to feature their quality and gourmet assortment of olive oils.  All made from 100% Italian olives, their selections include first cold press, organic, flavored, and gift sets.   From first cold press, their Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure and untouched as these hand-picked olives are cold-pressed the same day and the oil is put in tins.  No additives or flavors, this oil tastes as fresh as the grove it just came from.  They also offer Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as Nudo has earned their official organic certification after three years of inspection, interrogation and irrigation.  We also selected their flavored olive oils as Editor’s Picks since the scents of citrus and Nudohot chiles add a nice touch to the high-quality oils offered.  Olive Oil Stone Ground with Mandarins is the connoisseur’s choice as it is made with fresh, organic mandarins from Southern Italy.  The blend of olive and mandarins create a fragrant oil that is perfect for nutty salads or smoked meats, and will breathe fresh life into any recipe.  Nudo also offers a fabulous Olive Oil Stone Ground with Real Lemons that has a deep and fresh lemon flavor.  One of our favorites is the Olive oil with Sicilian Chillies because this packs a fierce punch with organic Sicilian chillies infusing the oil for three weeks.  The spicy flavor is just enough to assert itself without taking over the oil.

Finding a gift for the person who has everything requires creativity and thinking outside of the box.  Luckily, Nudo is already one step ahead of the game as they now offer Adopt a Tree, where you can choose a specific olive variety and follow the progress of your tree for one year, while supporting the local Italian family farmer, and tasting your investment.  Adopt a Tree is a family-run co-operative between nine small, artisanal olive producers in the small hilltop village in the Marche region of Italy.  This collaboration between a group of small scale, artisanal olive producers in Le Marche and Abruzzo guarantees that each olive farmer keeps responsibility for the care of their grove.  “In giving financial security to the olive farmers, the programme makes viable the traditional farming methods which, quite simply, produce the world’s best olive oil.”  This adoption program is important for small-scale producers because it offers them greater financial security as small farmers often lower their prices of oil because the market is so swamped with olive oil.  Nudo gives back to these farmers by offering consistent, reliable payment at a fair price, in exchange for quality olive oil created from the farmers’ time, commitment, and love for their labor. 

NudoEach Adopt a Tree gift recipient will receive a personalized adoption certificate and information booklet describing the tree, in addition to four 500ml tins of first cold press extra virgin olive oil from the tree in spring (mid-April), and three 250ml tins of infused extra virgin olive oil (i.e. lemon, chile, orange) in the fall.  The recipient will also receive an open invitation to come and visit, hug or water the tree in person.  Nudo also believes in respecting the environment, which is why a majority of the groves are certified organic and a portion of the estate is set aside as forest to offset its carbon footprint.  Their packaging is also environmentally conscious as they use recycled tins rather than glass bottles, which also keeps the oil fresher.  For a small price tag of $109.00 (plus shipping), this makes for a very thoughtful present.  Nudo offers the unique chance to own a little piece of the Italian countryside.

NudoAside from olive oils, Nudo also offers antipasti, condiments, and pasta for sale on their website.  From their antipasti collection, we selected the Organic Capers in Olive Oil with whole capers preserved in olive oil rather than vinegar or salt.  The flavor is all about the caper and foodies everywhere will find a multitude of uses for this.  You can also try their other amazing antipasti items like Sweet Chilli Jam, Organic NudoSicilian Olive Tapenade, or Organic Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil.  For spicy heat lovers, be sure to grab a bag or two of Italian Chillies, known in Calabria as diaveoletti rossi, little red devils.  Living up to their name, these hanging devils bask and dry in the hot Mediterranean sun.  Nudo promises that Antonio family has put their heart and souls into making the perkiest, spiciest chillis that will ever have tickled your taste buds.

You can rest assured when using olive oil from Nudo, they know exactly where their oil comes from.  Over recent years, olive growing has become mechanized, leading to soil erosion and bland, mass produced oil.  For epicureans worldwide, they demand olive oil from small-scale, artisanal farmers.  Be sure to visit their website to buy yourself and loved ones some excellent goods, in addition to finding authentic Italian recipes.


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