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Dorr Lobster Company

From Their Family to Yours – Fresh Seafood at Wholesale Prices

Dorr Lobster Company

Dorr Lobster CompanySince 1977, Dorr Lobster Company has been a seafood industry leader in providing quality seafood at affordable prices.  From fresh lobsters, clams, and mussels to crab, steaks, prepared chowders and more, Dorr Lobster offers customers the freshest seafood at wholesale prices.  They are unique from many of the other gourmet seafood providers on the market because they pride themselves on being a multi-generation family owned and operated business.  All aspects of the business are hands on and not delegated by different departments.  Dorr Lobster also strives to have top notch quality in their seafood by assuring that their lobsters are locally caught and a product of Maine.  They comply by all Maine fisheries’ measures to make sure that the industry is sustainable and will remain so for the future.  This family owned business is also very committed to extremely reasonable pricing so that anyone can afford their items, for either a special occasion, simple meal, or to indulge on fresh seafood.  Owner, Chad Dorr says, “Our philosophy is to have gourmet quality at affordable prices.”

Dorr Lobster CompanyDorr Lobster offers a wide variety of fresh and affordable seafood, but their most popular item is none other than the lobster.  “Everyone comes to us for that – partly because of our name.  Once someone goes on our website, iPhone app or begins looking in our new catalogue they see that we carry a variety of seafood items,” Chad shares.  Dorr Lobster offers an unbeatable Surf and Turf combination with their Live Lobster with Filet Mignon.  They make it easy for you to enjoy all the succulent flavors of lobster along with the juicy tastes of filet mignon.  The two 1 ½ pound lobsters are fresh and amazingly sweet to the bite and as delicious as those you would order at a high-end restaurant.  The two filet mignons from Highland Beef are extremely tender and moist and perfect for any steak lover.  All steaks are flash frozen and vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness. Included are Odell’s Seafood Butter and lobster cracker kits.  A complete meal with everything you could need at an amazingly affordable price of $79.99.

Dorr Lobster CompanyTheir second most popular item is their Fresh Hand Picked Crabmeat.  Chad shares “When people try this crabmeat they quickly wonder if their favorite is lobster or crabmeat!  This crabmeat is nothing compared to the processed canned crabmeat.  Once you get a taste of this gourmet crabmeat - you are HOOKED!”  If you love crab, be sure to stock up on their Maine Crabmeat, which is handpicked into ½ pound containers, fully cooked and ready to serve.  The convenience of having ready to eat seafood that is off the port fresh when making salad, pasta, or a sandwich is a steal at $9.99 compared to the price you would pay at the market.  The crabmeat is so succulent, sweet, and amazingly fresh, that you simply cannot stop eating it.  This crabmeat is the best we have tried that is available on the market and for the price, you cannot go wrong.

The history behind the business began with Richard Dorr, owner and lobster fisherman, buying his first piece of property on Bar Island in 1976.  The business is still located there today but their property has expanded over the years.  Richard and Lynda married in 1973 and bought a home in Milbridge.  Richard, who has been fishing since grade school in 1963, fished lobster while Lynda taught at a local elementary school.  After three years, they decided to venture into the lobster industry and purchased some land on an island with a small cove to turn it into a lobster pound.  They decided it would be more advantageous to own a lobster pound and rely less on selling their lobster on the fresh market.  Instead, they could pound their lobster catch in the fall when they were most plentiful and sell in the winter months during lower supply.  While the off road made of dirt on their land was barely passable in the spring time and had to be cleared by hand, as the Dorrs look back, they are certain they would not have done things any differently.

Dorr Lobster CompanyDorr Lobster provides some tasty appetizers and party foods like their Lobster Cakes and Crab Cakes.  The Maine Lobster Cakes are made from hand picked fresh Maine lobster meat combined with local ingredients, packing in unique flavor and quality.  The lobster cakes come out of the oven moist and flavorful, without any hint of dryness.  Just as delicious are the Maine Crab Cakes, robust cakes of hand picked crabmeat mixed with spices and seasonings.  One could really taste the fresh crab flavor behind each bite as it was seasoned just right without overpowering the natural crab taste.  Their shellfish is harvested from the wild while a number of other products are processed and produced in Maine.  As an example, their hand picked lobster and crabmeat are picked on site at the Dorr Lobster Company facility, which in turn is used for lobster cakes and crab cakes prepared by a vendor in Portland, Maine.  All their products are prepared in a fully licensed facility by the FDA or USDA. 

Dorr Lobster CompanyWhile the Dorrs do not hold any culinary degrees or formal training, they all love to cook with seafood and try new recipes.  The family has accumulated wonderful recipes over the years and hopes to share some on their website and publish them in upcoming catalogues.  If you like stews and chowders, Dorr Lobster offers a delicious variety of scrumptiously prepared options like Haddock Stew, Lobster Stew, Seafood Chowder, and Down East Clam Chowder.  We chose the Down East Clam Chowder as an Editor’s Pick for its creamy, buttery smoothness and hearty clam flavor as it is full of tender clams.  Select, hand shucked clams dug from the flats of Maine, along with local dairy, native potatoes and Maine sea salt creates a taste that is simply Maine.  The chowder had a perfect consistency, not too thick but just creamy enough to coat the clams and potatoes.  All of their items are available year round but they do offer specials on certain items that are more readily available while in season.  Shrimp and scallops have a winter season for dragging or diving so they offer a great price during then.  However, once the season is closed, they fresh freeze the seafood that is seasonal.  Most of their items are not seasonal and Dorr Lobster is still expanding their line of seafood and looking to add more in the near future.  Chad says, “The great part is we get to try and sample new items all the time and look forward to passing them along to our customers.”

The Dorrs felt it would benefit the business to use the family name and that it was the natural thing to do as Lynda grew up in a farming family who also used their family name.  Chad exclaims, “We feel very proud of using our own name and even so do people across America.”  An amusing story is that customers who also have the same surname have requested the company’s T-shirt “Dorr Lobster” to keep as a conversation piece. Chad shares his personal favorites, which are no surprise – the lobster and crabmeat.  The comment made most often is “You must eat lobster and crabmeat all the time!”  Truth be told, people are often surprised when they discover that Chad and his family only eat lobster and crabmeat on special occasions or when they have special guests.  He does find it fun to know that he can go out to his facility and grab a fresh lobster or any seafood and have it right then to eat (as the grandchildren often do). 

Dorr Lobster CompanySeafood lovers must snag Dorr’s Seafood Sampler, which includes the best of the season with one pound portions of Maine scallops, Maine shrimp, Maine lobster meat, and Maine crabmeat.  The Maine Sea Scallops are purchased directly from the boats daily and frozen in one pound packages for the freshest quality.  You can taste the freshness of these scallops as they are all natural without any preservatives and perfect for grilling.  Their Maine Shrimp meat is shelled and fresh frozen raw to capture their natural flavor and perfect to toss with Dorr Lobster Companypastas or salads.  The Maine lobster meat is fresh and hand picked, rather than frozen and thawed and includes tail, knuckles and claws.  No mess or hassle here as enjoying fresh and plump lobster could not be any easier.  The primary reason Maine seafood tastes so much better is the environment it is caught in.  Its cool temperatures and pristine waters allow seafood to taste unique compared to higher populated areas.  Maine live seafood is never exposed to artificial salt water since that changes the taste of the product.  Chad adds, “We try to keep all our products tasting fresh and natural the way nature made it.”   

As for the future, Dorr Lobster would like to think that ninety percent of their business will be shipping directly to the consumer.  In the next five years, they would like to reposition their marketing more to the end consumer, giving consumers and customers more of a “direct price from the direct source.”  Traditional seafood prices are so high because they change hands so many times before the consumer is able to purchase it.  Therefore, it can be bought directly from Dorr Lobster, the supplier, and they are able to pass along the savings to the customer.  The goal is for the customer to enjoy the benefits of shopping retail at wholesale prices.  Currently, Dorr Lobster sells most of their products to retail grocery stores and specialty seafood markets, in addition to local seasonal restaurants during tourist season.  They continue to expand the area range of their products and are always pleased to hear from customers who taste Dorr products while passing through Maine and inquire as to whether someplace in their state carries Dorr products. 

Dorr Lobster CompanyDorr Lobster Company hopes to focus on the area of prepared foods because families are so busy these days that cooking a full meal from scratch is not always possible in today’s fast pace world.  They hope to incorporate fresh seafood into convenient and easy meals for the family on the run but, always looking for a nutritious meal.  Dorr Lobster offers an array of smoked seafood delicacies, which can be purchased individually or as a packaged sampler.  The Smoked Seafood Sampler includes Smoked Maine Shrimp, Smoked Mussels, and Smoked Scallops.  Great as holiday gifts, party offerings, or easy appetizers, these are great for any occasion.  Taking sweet Maine shrimp from the cold waters and cooking them immediately to ensure thDorr Lobster Companyeir delicate texture, the Smoked Shrimp packs a cherry hardwood smoke flavor.  Great to snack on and even better for stir-fry dishes in fried rice and such.  The Smoked Mussels are their smoked specialty as the plump, rope grown, cold water mussels are blanched in the shell, hand shucked and then smoked with cherry-blend hardwood. The perfect taste of these mussels will leave you wanting more and are great as an appetizer or to use in recipes.  Their Smoked Scallops are made with delicate bay scallops carefully cured to ensure firmness and then lightly smoked to provide a mild flavor and smooth texture.  You can also add to the sampler their delicious Smoked Salmon, which has a distinct smoke flavor and a smooth yet firm texture.  Available as an 8 ounce side or 2.5 pound side for large parties, this cold smoked Atlantic salmon is sure to be a crowd pleaser.   

Chad and his family stand behind Dorr Lobster in quality.  He says, “We have been in the seafood business for over 30 years and it has always been our belief to sell the BEST and the FRESHEST seafood possible. We enjoy seafood so much ourselves and really want to pass that experience on to other consumers and make it affordable.”  Their family process, which is “from water to distribution,” provides customers with the best quality and value.  “We are proud of being one of Maine’s best seafood providers to consumers.  Our lobsters are handled with the greatest care and we guarantee that no one catches a better product.  If it is great quality seafood you are looking for - Dorr Lobster offers you a chance to have it.”  Dorr Lobster Company knows that once you try their seafood, you will be “hooked and ready to bite on to more.”  Visit to learn more about the Family business and purchase delicious, fresh, and affordable seafood.  Chad says, “Think of us during your next occasion when seafood will be served!” 


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