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Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

An Octopus’s Garden of Seaworthy Treasures

Catherine Weitzman JewelryCatherine Weitzman Jewelry evolves from a lifetime of travel that is greatly influenced by nature, and especially the sea.  Through her extensive worldwide travels and training, Catherine has translated those memories into handcrafted exclusive necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.  Her exquisite craftsmanship is evident from the detailed sand dollar, kissing seahorses and octopus necklaces to the ethereal ferns and coral earrings.  The majority of her pieces cast in silver and gold are objects found in nature, from branches and shells to leaves, flowers, and pods.  Celebrities likes Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Kelly Rowland, Susan Sarandon, and Rachael Ray are aficionados of Catherine Weitzman Jewelry.  This collection of earthly and aquatic baubles continues to grow and evolve with great panache under the talented Catherine Weitzman, and her husband, Scott.

Catherine Weitzman JewelryOur featured bracelet is the detailed and impressive Seahorse Tail Cuff, available in both gold vermeil and sterling silver.  This band of intricately textured castings from nature is designed so that the two ends of the cuff curl around themselves like the tail of a seahorse.  The cuff is adjustable and the smooth and shiny silver catches light to cast a soft glow.  The detailed texture of the cuff gives this a realistic feel of such sea creatures while its simplistic shape and curve has a strange and beautiful quality to it. 

Being that the basis of Catherine Weitzman Jewelry is nature, their favorite materials to use are direct castings of objects they have collected in nature, complimenting mountains and deserts, and in Catherine Weitzman JewelryHawaii, fitting with forests and beaches.  Catherine and Scott view Hawaii as an incredible natural resource for inspiration while nature offers something for all seasons.  The Sea Urchin Cocktail Ring is made of 18k gold vermeil and displays a lifelike embodiment of a sea urchin’s skeletal plates forming a rigid shell.  The rows of dotted pores along the outside of the shell are visible and so carefully added to recreate one of the ocean’s most beloved species.

Catherine first studied business at Emory University and then classical metalsmith training at Scuolo Lorenzo di Medici in Florence, Italy.  After studying in Italy, she apprenticed with local traditional craftsmen in Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, and Latin America, which was just as if not more educational and rewarding than what she learned in school.  With her family history of being involved in the art and business of jewelry, she has loved jewelry for as long as she can remember and started creating at a young age.  Her inspiration to launch Catherine Weitzman Jewelry stemmed from her view of jewelry as the “perfect medium for wearable art.”  After training with artisans all over the world, she was able to discover her “own take on the universal beauty” that the art form of jewelry had to offer. 

From her collection, Catherine has a special fondness for the coral and branches collections.  The coral collection has become one of her most successful collections, which started when she turned a coral that had been Catherine Weitzman Jewelrysitting on her window for a few years into jewelry.  She recalls finding that special coral years ago washed up on a beach in Honduras after a storm.  Today, her coral collection features necklaces, earrings, and bracelets resembling the intricate and beautiful coral structure.  The Mini Coral Disc Earrings are small enough to become your favorite everyday pair, but unique and detailed enough to stand out and be noticed.  These 18K gold vermeil disc earrings on fish hooks are designed to look like organic sea coral skeletons and glimmer with grace as they catch nature’s sunlight.  They are also available in sterling silver as well as medium and large sizes.

As for the branches collection, that holds a special place in her heart because Catherine and her husband collected branches in the forest during their first days in Hawaii to represent their common passion of sharing the exquisite beauty of their home with people all over the Catherine Weitzman Jewelryworld.  The Small Double Branch Locket is the perfect accessory for the summer with its transparent chambers to hold your own keepsakes. The branch locket is available in sterling or gold and can be filled with your choice of a tiny starfish, leaf, or bird charm with aquamarine or ruby stones encased in an elegant porthole.  Here, a tiny gold starfish is encased with sea-blue stones in a silver locket and a golden bird is held in a golden porthole with ruby stones.  The glass layers are made of watch crystal while the magnet closure opens and shuts.  This locket measures 1” in diameter and is one of her best sellers. 

A unique aspect of this collection is that Catherine lives and works for half the year in Hawaii and the other half in Manhattan, creating a “body of work that merges direct contact with nature into the visual language of urban fashion.”  This is a distinctive way of living and perceiving the world as a flow between opposite lifestyles and environments, with her jewelry being the manifestation of this unique perspective.  Catherine collaborates with her husband, who is more of a visual artist, to form the basis of all design prototypes.  She describes their connection as telepathic and despite each party’s own unique approaches, they both share core aesthetic values on what they like and what looks good.  They are both extremely grateful for their dedicated and talented production team of skilled artisans in Hawaii. 

Catherine is extremely grateful that she can bring small objects of nature and beauty into people’s lives.  For Catherine, the aesthetic possibilities are limitless as she sees connecting people to nature through jewelry as a spiritual act.  “The elements of earth, air, fire, and Catherine Weitzman Jewelrywater come together as beautiful forms and the person who wears these forms can connect to the presence of these natural elements through these symbols,” she says.  It takes talent to capture nature so beautifully that one yearns to wear it.  How true that is when we look at the Four Ferns Necklace, made of four delicate fern leaves interlocked in the center of a necklace, available in gold or silver.  The four detailed ferns with nature’s texture are interlocked at the ends to allow for movement when worn so that it gives the piece an airy feel reminiscent of nature’s ferns.   This necklace is elegant enough to dress up any outfit and would make an excellent staple in any woman’s jewelry box. 

Catherine sees nature as providing an infinite field of possibilities.  Some of her ideas are a combination of the right object showing up at the right time and her intention of exploring a particular design style.  There is no doubt that it is wonderful when she finds a natural object ready to be transformed into Catherine Weitzman Jewelryjewelry, but most of the time it requires some work in “being refashioned by the human eye into something new.”  To her, it is about natural objects evolving into different shapes or combined with other natural objects.  A trinket of nautical fun is the Island Charm Necklace in 18K gold vermeil.  This 18” necklace features coral, fern, and aloe leaf charms, along with chalcedony and blue topaz faceted briolettes, hanging from a circle branch link.  The bright, golden hue of the detailed coral, fern, and aloe sprigs each present individual and intricate details of their own and conjures up the soul of the sea with its aqua and light teal semi-precious stones.

Despite being an experienced traveler of five continents and working in different countries, her adopted home of the Pacific Rim Region (California to Polynesia to Asia) and her hometown of New York are her two biggest influences.  As she eloquently puts it, “the intersection of natural beauty found around the Pacific with the urban visual sensibility of downtown Manhattan are what I am exposed to when I wake each morning, so this is what I find most influential.”  One of her favorite jewelry designers she is in awe of is Gurhan Orhan, for being able to bring such elegance and sophistication to each piece.

On a personal note, Catherine feels like the luckiest person in the world because she gets to make beautiful things that make people happy.  She has nothing but all smiles as she lives and works with the love of her life and her amazing team, in one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world.  For the future, Catherine hopes to continue expressing the “natural beauty of being in the present moment.”  Catherine Weitzman Jewelry is sold at urban boutiques nationwide, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, museum shops, as well as international stores like Paul Smith and Takashimaya.  Her collection can also be found in home design stores like ABC Carpet in New York and resort gift shops like The Four Seasons in Hawaii.  Catherine’s parting note is that while Catherine Weitzman Jewelry has hundreds of pieces in the collection, she hopes you collect the ones that mean the most to you.  Visit her magnificent collection and start collecting your own treasures at their online store


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