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Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

A True Southern Affair with Country Ham Biscuits

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsCarrie Morey and her mother, caterer extraordinaire, Callie White, started Callie’s Charleston Biscuits in 2006, after Carrie convinced her mother to postpone retirement and start a business selling her famous and unique – country ham biscuits.  Callie’s unique style of Southern fare kept her booked years in advance for everything from casual low country gatherings and chic cocktail parties to celebrity wedding receptions. After their soft launch in November 2005 in renting a kitchen space for a month from a local restaurant, they officially launched their own bakery in October 2006.  Celebrities like Andie MacDowell, Susan Sarandon, and Cynthia Rowley are huge fans of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits as well as Mario Batali, who orders them every year for his Christmas dinner.  Carrie and Callie have appeared in many national gourmet food and fashion magazines such as Saveur, Southern Living, Real Simple, Food and Wine, Martha Stewart, Modern Bride, and on the NBC Today Show.

Carrie named her business after her mother’s name, Callie, since they were her recipes and it seemed fitting.  Carrie was inspired to launch this business because of her mother’s great food, a passion for great Southern food, and desire to be a working mom while raising her children.  While she does not have a culinary background, she has plenty of passion.  Callie loves all of her products but at the moment, says shortcakes are great for summer.  She also loves the Buttermilk Biscuits because they go with anything and the Country Ham Biscuits because that is the reason they started the business.  All foods are prepared at their 1400 sq foot bakery in downtown Charleston.  Callie’s is unique and different from other gourmet food lines on the market because everything they do is by hand – no mixers, just hands!

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsThe most popular items are the Country Ham, Cheese and Chive, and Pimento Cheese.  Although their newest product, Black Pepper Bacon they cannot make it fast enough as they seem to sell out each week.  Those along with their Buttermilk biscuits are both up for NASFT SOFI awards this summer at the 2011 Fancy Foods Show.  A SOFI award is equivalent to the Oscars of the specialty food industry.  Black Pepper Bacon Biscuits are the perfect treat for an afternoon snack or a fancy party as these cocktail size poppers pack a whole lot of flavor.  Carrie keeps up with family tradition while also bringing a selection of modern recipes to the table.  These biscuits use the simplest of ingredients but are amazingly scrumptious.  Tiny slivers of caramelized bacon along with freshly cracked black pepper, cream cheese and green onions, make these a Southern comfort favorite.  One bite of this biscuit and you will quickly realize the savory flavor it holds from the bacon while the cream cheese gives it a creamy and rich balance.  The black pepper adds a subtle kick and touch of gourmet.  

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsAt the moment they are not offering seasonal items but their shortcakes are big in the summer while their Pimento Cheese, Cinnamon biscuits, and Country Ham are big around the holidays.  What started it all at Callie’s are the Country Ham Biscuits.  These are truly a southern treat as most of us have never even tried such a thing.  For years, her mother Callie’s catering clients begged to sell the biscuits to them and she knew they froze beautifully but it look awhile for her to let the secret recipe go nationwide.  Not your average ham biscuit, the flavor and taste of the ham is just right without being overly salty and compliments the biscuits beautifully by adding the exact amount of cured saltiness Callie’s Charleston Biscuitsto each bite.  While ham biscuits are big in the South and a staple at every traditional Charleston affair, Callie’s is distinctively different in using finely chopped artisanal Virginia County Ham and Dijon mustard butter.  The minced artisanal ham makes it easy to eat the biscuit while also assuring ham in every bite.  The Fiery Pimento Cheese is a delicious blend of shredded Cheddar cheese hand mixed with finely chopped pimentos, green onions, peppers, and Tabasco mixed with a creamy spicy mayonnaise dressing.  This delicious spread is great with sandwiches, burgers, veggies or atop crackers and bread.  The slight tanginess and spiciness from the ground Cayenne Red Pepper, Tabasco, and ground mustard adds a nice touch of heat.

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsBy far our favorite that is an Editor’s Pick are the Cheese and Chive Biscuits. These are simply amazing and great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a rewarding snack.  If you are a cheese lover, you will surely appreciate the melted cheese center that is perfectly moist.  These fluffy and soft textured biscuits have a rich sharp cheddar cheese flavor that is perfectly complimented with chives.  Using only the finest sharp cheddar and fresh chives, this combination could not be any better or perfect.  The cheese biscuits are their number one seller for gifting – who can resist cheese. Callie’s suggests eating these biscuits alone or filling them with fried chicken, chicken or shrimp salad, or sausage. 

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsFor a taste of the real deal, the Buttermilk Biscuits are a basic that could be eaten everyday.  “Simple yet flavorful with hints of cream cheese, you can’t go wrong with keeping at least a dozen of these biscuits on hand for any occasion big or small.”  The best way to enjoy these biscuits is with a generous pat of butter and can be filled with fried chicken or shrimp salad for a delightful treat.  In the next five years, Carrie sees the business continuing to grow in spreading their Southern heritage across the country as she wants everyone to love their handmade products.  At the same time, she also wants to make sure they don’t grow too quickly since they are handmade and need to be careful as to how they grow.  Carrie says, “No distributors, just relationships with specialty food stores and their owners/buyers, bringing simple really great food to people who appreciate artisanal food and don’t have time to make it themselves.”

Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsCarrie never imagined that success would taste so buttery good from selling six different varieties of biscuits nationwide. In addition to building a successful and continually growing business, Carrie also balances work with her family of three children.  “What was once a biscuit legendary in South Carolina has now become a favorite across America.”  Their biggest supporter is their local grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, in South Carolina with a close second being Central Market in Texas.  Luckily, Callie’s Charleston Biscuits has an online store where customers can easily place their order for biscuits, honey, Bloody Mary mix, and more. 


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