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California Chef Services

California Chef Services

Personal Chef & Catering

California Chef ServicesCalifornia Chef is all about customizing to what clients like and dislike and preparing delicious meals just for them.  In helping many celebrities, professional athletes, business executives, and hundreds of other Angelinos lose weight and keep it off, their executive team works closely with Los Angeles’s top nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, and trainers, to develop nutritionally balanced diet meals that gets consistent results.  Owner and Executive Chef, Denise Macuk, specializes in recipes that are both healthy and delicious.  They use only top-quality produce, meats, and seafood to create delicious, healthy meals no matter what your diet.  In addition to creating diet meals, California Chef also specializes in Kick-Start Cleanses, Family Meals, and Vegetarian Meals.

A diet should never be difficult and thanks to Macuk, it can be enjoyable and exciting.  Clients are never bored since their preferences are always taken into account so that gourmet meals are made with only ingredients that clients like.  Since each meal is cooked to order, food allergies and special diets (diabetic, low-salt, gluten-free, non-dairy, soy-free, organic, etc.) are never a problem and no extra cost.  Chef Macuk is a regular speaker on and her recipes have been included in nutrition and cookbooks that have been featured on television.  Her experience includes being classically trained in Asian, Italian, French, Mexican and vegetarian cuisines and traveling to over 20 countries to study their gastronomy.  With her vast understanding and skill in worldwide cuisines, California Chef Services’ menus have an unrivaled variety, and each meal can be altered to fit your personal dietary needs.  Be sure to visit her own blog, which is full of healthy and appetizing recipes

California Chef ServicesStarting the day off right is half the battle and the Salinas Breakfast Wedge with Fresh Fruit does just that.  A healthy version of a breakfast quesadilla packed with melted cheddar cheese, diced turkey bacon, sausage and artichoke hearts in a whole wheat tortilla.  Cut into easy to eat wedges, this was a great way to start off the morning.  The fresh fruit consisted of fresh blueberries and Honeydew melon balls.  The Breakfast Pizza was a delightful spin on an egg and English muffin sandwich.  An open faced wheat English muffin was topped with a square egg white back with marinara, shredded mozzarella, and fresh basil.  California Chef ServicesA healthy and low fat version of pizza, this egg white muffin morsel was satisfying without leaving you heavy.  The side of fresh fruit consisted of grapes and cantaloupe.  A classic Breakfast Burrito with Fresh Fruit is always a winner.  This breakfast burrito is wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and filled with scrambled egg whites, cheese, and ground turkey.  Delicious and wholesome without the grease and oil from most breakfast burritos have.  For omelettes, Nana’s Omelette is an all egg white version of the classic and filled with Monterey Jack cheese, diced mushrooms, diced turkey sausage, along with a sweet potato hash.

California Chef ServicesFor lunch, California Chef prepares delicious choices like stir-fry dishes or healthy variations of comfort food classics.  Everyone loves the traditional macaroni and cheese but not the ton of calories that comes with it.  Their version is Turkey Macaroni and Cheese with Asparagus, which was tasty and wholesome at the same time.  Whole wheat macaroni is tossed in a creamy cheese sauce, mixed with seasoned ground turkey and topped with shredded cheese.  A fan of thin asparagus spears decorates the dish while giving you your dose of veggies.  The thick cheese sauce is tasty without being greasy and rich in heaviness and the turkey adds the right balance.  The Shrimp “Fried” Brown Rice was specially seasoned with a spicy kick and filled with delicious vegetables like peas, carrots, green onions, and peppers.  So flavorful that you could not even tell it was brown rice.  They certainly did not skimp on the shrimp as there was a more than generous amount of shrimp in this fried rice dish to provide enough lean protein.  If you are a fan of steak salads, you will love the Chile-Lime Steak Salad, a generous filling to romaine lettuce, leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, diced red bell peppers, black beans, and red onions with a spicy dressing.  The chile-lime steak comes pre-sliced and has a spicy marinade rub on the exterior while the interior is tender and tastes as a steak should.  Tossed together with dressing, the slices of steak pair wonderfully with the salad.  Another indulgence was the Turkey, Spinach and Cheese Spanikopita with a Cucumber Salad.  The cucumber salad was perfect, not over laden with dressing but simply what a Greek salad should be; cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and diced red onions.  The spanikopitas came out with a crispy crust after just five minutes in the oven and tasted stupendous. The crispy phyllo dough layer envelops the cheesy blend of feta, ground turkey and spinach.  The ratio of tender, seasoned ground turkey and spinach was plentiful and made for a filling lunch. California Chef Services

Your first delivery will come with a welcome letter which includes helpful information such as heating instructions and food safety tips.  The letter is a nice personal touch as it clearly states that each meal has been prepared according to one’s personal preferences and dietary parameters, and is signed by the Macuk herself.  All meals, except for salads, can be frozen for enjoying at a later time so there is no urgency to finish everything in a few days.  Each meal comes pre-labeled with the meal type (B, L, D, S) as well as the name of the dish.  Each daily meal comes with two delicious and healthy snacks like Hummus and Veggies, Whole Wheat Pretzels and Turkey, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, Tuna Salad and Crackers, and Vegetables with Tapenade.  A favorite that you cannot go wrong with are Cheese and Crackers, which come with crackers carefully prepackaged, sliced cheese and a cluster of red seedless grapes.  If snacking were always this easy, we would do it more often.  The Buffalo Chicken and Veggies featured diced white meat chicken tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce inside a romaine lettuce cup.  Sliced red bell peppers on the side were easy for dipping in the blue cheese sauce. 

California Chef ServicesDinner is always a treat with California Chef because they have delicious classics that are healthy and actually appetizing.  Macuk shows her skills with international cuisines as she prepares a variety of dishes from different countries.  The Chicken Tikka with Couscous and Roasted Broccoli and Peppers features marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts grilled, atop couscous and roasted broccoli.  This dish had all the flavor and spice of traditional chicken tikka from an Indian restaurant without the fat.  The grilled chicken was tender and juicy with the right char and seasoning on the outside.  One of our favorites was the Turkey Taco with Cilantro Lime Corn and Grilled Zucchini and Peppers as it was just as good as getting tacos from a local taco shop.  Two grilled corn tortillas are packed with a seasoned blend of ground turkey and melted California Chef Servicescheese.  The tortillas have the right consistency without getting soggy while holding the turkey taco mix in.  On the side, the grilled zucchini and red bell peppers are chopped into bite sized pieces, making them easy to enjoy.  The cilantro lime corn salad is seasoned delightfully with the right amount of citrus zest and fresh chopped cilantro.  One of their specialties is their Chicken Piccata with Brown Rice Pasta and Grilled Asparagus and Mushrooms.  Tender breast cutlets are sautéed and glazed with a lemon white wine sauce with capers.  The brown rice spaghetti was al dente as should be and held up well with the light sauce.  The asparagus and mushrooms were grilled to the right touch without being overcooked.  Other fabulous dinner entrees were Salisbury Turkey Steak with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Sauteed Sweet Peas and Mushrooms.

California Chef is ecologically responsible as they re-use silver refrigeration bags with ice blocks with each delivery.  Meal delivery available to the Greater Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks area.  Try California Chef’s meal delivery for one week and taste and feel the difference of personalized service!


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