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Bacon Freak

Bacon Freak

Bringing Home the Bacon

Bacon FreakEveryone knows there are online gourmet food companies that specialize in the usual contenders like desserts, pasta, lobster, sauces, and such.  But have you ever heard of a website completely and utterly devoted to bacon?  Well, your prayers have been answered because Bacon Freak ( is an online store that is 100% all about bacon. Rocco Loosbrock, with his enthusiasm for gourmet bacon products, launched Bacon Freak in 2007.  The company’s catchy motto "Bacon is Meat Candy" is proudly displayed on all their gift boxes and T-shirts.  The only thing that makes Bacon Freak unique from other gourmet food lines on the market is that they focus on everything bacon.  Rocco says “Yes, that one thing that makes you salivate at the smell of it…. Bacon!!!!”  Bacon Freak has the largest variety of bacon ever, from Cajun style and Peppered Bacon to Cottage Style and BBQ Bacon. 

We wonder just how did one man come to start an entire business centered around bacon?  Rocco says “Well, it's kind of one of those dumb luck situations that you just stumble onto.”  It started when he was on a business trip in Kentucky and wanted to try a real “Southern Hospitality” breakfast.  Upon being served his meal, he immediately noticed that the bacon was absolutely huge, thick and plump as it was sticking way out of his breakfast sandwich.  Rocco commented to the waitress that he had never seen bacon “this big” anywhere in his travels and her reply was “Oh, you’re not from around here, are you? You're one of them City Slicker, aren't you?”  The waitress sat down and introduced to Rocco what has now become the love of his life, Country Bacon.  He bought some for himself before leaving and took it home to share with friends, relatives, and colleagues.  Everybody that tried it absolutely “freaked” over it and insisted he return as soon as possible to get more. 

Bacon FreakAs soon as you open a sealed package of Bacon Freak “candy” you will catch the delicious aroma of fresh, quality bacon.  An Editor’s Pick favorite is The Boss Hog Bacon, which packs a robust hickory smoked flavor that is distinctively better than standard grocery store bacon.  Unlike most bacon that is heavy with more layers of fat than actual meat, this country bacon is perfectly cut with equal layers of meat and fat marbling so that you get the perfect strip of lean crispy meat with some fat as icing on the cake.  Hickory smoked and dry cured, this bacon does not shrink like packing house bacon Bacon Freakbecause no water is added or used in the curing process with their time-honored secret formula.   Another pick that is unique and creative is peppered bacon.  Rocco's Private Reserve Country Pepper Bacon is sugar cured and smoked with a real hickory fire and then hand rubbed with coarse black pepper to give it a unique taste.  This peppered bacon is his secret recipe and the result of his passion for pepper as Rocco uses time-honored formulas to make his bacon.  This dry cured bacon will not shrink during cooking and spices up any breakfast or meal with the classic fresh ground black pepper taste. The black pepper is not overpowering but just the right hint of a peppery aftertaste.

As to how Rocco came up with the amazing name of Bacon Freak, he jokingly claims it was “one too many glasses of wine!”  Their other business, delivers wine to customers’ doorsteps.  At a wine tasting party, Rocco thought it fit to pair bacon appetizers with wine and created the concept of “swine and wine.”  One of his customers at the wine event called him a bacon freak as Rocco was thoroughly enjoying the appetizers and thus the company name was born.  Rocco does not have a culinary background but he is pure Italian so he says some genetics may play a factor.  When we asked Rocco what his favorite Bacon Freak items were, he said “bacon, bacon, bacon.”  If he had to choose, he loves their specialty flavored bacons like the Sun Dried Tomato or Cajun Bacon as “they are just delicious to have as part of a BLT!”

Bacon FreakFor health conscious eaters who are steering clear of nitrate meats or preservatives, we love Roccos Private Reserve No Nitrite Bacon.  Rocco created this bacon out of a desire to offer bacon for those who want to enjoy bacon without any preservatives.  The bacon is hickory smoked and the curing process does not have nitrate or preservatives as only salt and sugar are used.  This bacon is Bacon Freakby far our favorite as it is naturally cured without preservatives and is thick, juicy, and big after it is cooked up.  The generous marbling of the fat compliments the wide lean bacon meat and makes this a real treat.  If you love spicy, Bacon Freak has a variety of spicy bacons like jalapeno, chipotle, and more.  We selected the Coastal Caliente Smoked Jalapeno Bacon as an Editor’s Pick.  This premium bacon is hand rubbed with a Jalapeno spice blend, a special blend of spices that adds an incredible burst of spicy flavor.  The spiciness is not real hot but just enough to give the bacon a nice kick without being overpowering.  Great to use in Mexican dishes or to add to a BLT.  This bacon cooks quickly and evenly with its equal ratio of fat to meat. 

While everybody loves the varieties of bacon that Bacon Freak offers, the gift bundles are the hottest items as it allows customers to purchase a variety of the most popular items.  The Swine and Wine Bundle, which delivers bacon and wine, has a lot of interest.  Also, their Bacon Jerky at stole the spotlight recently.  Bacon FreakAside from edibles, their “Bacon is Meat Candy” T-Shirts have continued to be one of their most popular items as well.  Devout bacon lovers can join the Bacon Club, which sends out variety samplers each month to its members.  A fabulous and unique gift for anyone is Boss Hog's Bacon Dark Chocolate Sueyts, which is a combination that is unlike any other chocolate.  These chocolates perfectly pair the salty, savory flavor of bacon with the sweetness of dark chocolate in one mouth watering candy.  Made with crispy cooked Boss Hog Bacon that is chopped into big pieces and mixed in with dark chocolate, these sueyts are a real treat for any occasion.

Bacon FreakBacon Freak already has a handful of loyal customers, including celebrities, who keep coming back for more.  One celebrity has even been an ongoing customer for two years.  Bacon Freak is always introducing new products so customers should check back regularly.  Most of their products are made and shipped from their headquarters in Moorpark, California.  In the next five years, Rocco hopes that Bacon Freak will continue bringing bacon to the door steps of their loyal customers month after month.  Bacon Freak products are only available online at so eat some Bacon Freak today!  Once you try Bacon Freak, you can never go back to any other bacon. 


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